Cruiser Skateboard vs Nickel Skateboard

We are going to be doing the pros and cons of nickel skateboards and Cruiser skateboards. Let’s get started so first, we’re going to start out with the nickel skateboards penny brand is what we’re talking about as well. The actual penny nickel skateboards, not the knockoff friends and, of course, we’re going to start off in a positive note, let’s go with the pros, so the first pro 4 is, you can tell – is that nickel skateboard and penny skateboards come in a whole bunch of different Colors and designs like you, can get any color you can imagine and any design you can think of. If you’re someone who really likes color, you want to stand out, then penny skateboards and nickel skateboards are awesome for that, and the next Pro is that, since penny skateboards do not have any grip tape, they’re just plastic – they don’t really get quite as wrecked as easily. In rain or if it gets wet as other skateboards do, although, like I mentioned, do not try to get it wet, so It’s still not very good for the bearings and all that stuff, and the next Pro is that they are relatively cheap. Now it probably varies depending where you live in the stuff, but here the nickel skateboards are all around 150 bucks, and the penny skateboards are a little bit cheaper. So compared to some other skateboards you can get is like a really good deal. So they’re pretty good on the bank and the last Pro is that they’re super small and compact. So if you’re traveling at all, you shouldn’t have a problem with taking them on airplanes and Casey. Nystatin has a video where he kind of shows you guys how to make a custom penny skateboard holder on your suitcase and that’s pretty cool, so they’re super easy to take around and don’t even notice that you happen now. It is time for the cons, so the first few cons that we have sort of go together, so they’re not the most stable, going down hills but they are still the best skateboards for cruising in 2018.

They also don’t turn quite as well as other skateboards do, and the reason for that is because, since they are nice and small, they have got the smaller wheels. They have shorter trucks, and that means that you’re kind of balancing on like this little beam, almost so, especially if you’re a little bit bigger and you’re ripping down a hill, It’s kind of sketchy plus they just don’t turn because they’re simply just smaller, so they don’t Have that ability – and this next con sort of like mashes again with those ones, so you feel like a bigger person they’re like a fully grown person, they’re, not quite as comfortable to ride. Just simply because, like your feet, don’t even go over the entire thing. So it’s not fully supported, plus they’re, not quite as smooth. You feel a lot of the rocks and everything like that and all the bumps and stuff. So if you’re a little bit bigger, It’s a little bit more uncomfortable varieties, you’re going to want to keep the rides a bit shorter and, of course, since they don’t have grip tape. Another con is that they have a little bit less grip than other skateboards do. Although they can be a little bit more durable you’re losing a little bit of that grip, especially if they get a little bit wet. So if you go through a puddle or anything, your feet get a bit wet, It’s very, very slippery and that can be kind of sketchy and the last con that we have for these guys is that they do not come in any styles. Besides the standard penny, slash nickel skateboard style, they come in lots of colors and designs, but the actual style of the skateboard is the exact same for all of them. He pretty much stuck with their template and, if you don’t like it, you might need to get a different type of skateboard. Now we’re moving on to the cruisers and again we’re going to start positive. Let’s go with the pros, so cruiser skateboards are super good for turning. I carve on this thing all the time boom car.

 I love it they’re also more stable when you’re going downhill because they’re wider, so you got a bit more foot placement on there and you have a lot more control because again you can carve, which is really fun also, since they do have grip tape, you got A little bit more grip plus you have a lot of different styles of grip tape. You can get right now. I just have the full black, but before that I had like a clear grip tape and then the black grip tape and there’s a colorful grip tape. So there’s lots of different colors. You can add to the top, which is kind of cool. The final pro about these ones is that they come in a lot of different styles, so the style that I have this one right here is sort of like the penny skateboard style. I don’t mind it. I actually quite enjoy it, but they also have lots of different ones with like backs different. The hole shapes different they’re a bit longer, but smaller, but they’re, not quite longboards, so there’s still the cruisers style, except so many different types you can get and some of them even have like might have like longboard wheels. Some of them have like more like skateboard, wheels and stuff. This is a whole bunch of right, there’s so much choice. You can have these guys, depending on the type of riding you do, which it comfortable with how big you are all that. So if that parts awesome, let’s move on to the cons, the first pun is that they are a lot harder to learn on just because when you’re first starting, like they’re, not unstable, but since they turn so much for a beginner, It’s going to feel unstable and It’s going to sketch them right out.

Another really small con is that you do have to replace the grip tape, except sometimes it’s free or like five bucks for like a entire thing that covers your whole skateboard and tons of different colors. So really it’s not that bad, but you do have to replace it, which can be a little bit annoying. So it just takes time and now the next con is that they do get damaged more easily. So if they get wet, the grip tape gets messed up. Sometimes the wood can get messed up. Also, it chips a lot easier, like the paint might chip on the nickel skateboards and stuff, but like the actual wood chips on mine, at least in the few spots, to get scratched up really badly and those are kind of the downsides of to get they’re. A little more fragile in that aspect, although I’m not really that gentle with it because I mean you got it, you got to ride it, and the final con that I have for you guys is that cruisers are more expensive. Generally speaking, I mean mine’s a little bit, bigger and stuff like that than a nickel skateboards. Of course, it’s more expensive, but from what I’ve seen all the cruisers have been more expensive than the penny skateboards or the nickel skateboards. So you’re going to have to save up a little bit more for that, but you can do a little bit more with them, in my opinion, so and now for the final verdict between penny skateboards and cruisers and which one’s better. Honestly, I’m going to say they’re about equal. So if you’re a beginner looking to get into a skateboard me like bright colors and cool designs and definitely go for a penny skateboard or a nickel skateboard. Okay, because you’re going to be able to learn on that super easily, there’s still great quality, it’ll last you a long time and you will look cool riding it and you’ll still be able to go fast.

Updated: March 14, 2018 — 6:53 pm

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