Bushnell DX Scout 1000 – An Updated Classic

Pros and Disadvantages Longer Magnification + Longer F.O.V. Launched Performance The newest model DX Scout additionally maintained a pretty long list of capabilities from the earlier version that are not worth mentioning but are rather self-explanatory, so we will simply listing them here.

  •     Adjustable Diopter
  •     Two Yr Limited Warranty
  •     Tripod Mount
  •     10 Ballistic Charts (8-rifle + 2-muzzleloader/shotgun)
  •     CR2 3 Volt Battery

6x21mm Dark liquid crystal display

Despite the being equivalent in many ways to the G-Force 1300 in the look and function, the new DX Scout 1000 attributes black LCD exhibit like the first version, as opposed to this brand new red liquid crystal display Bushnell utilized on the force models that they contact Vivid Display technologies.

Focus on Concern While the original Scout 1, 000 was equipped with Bushnell’s ARC (Angle Range payment) technology, and’s both “BOW” and “Rifle” manners it didn’t have the sub features available over the ARC program because the G-Force 1300 failed. The new Scout DX 1, 000 now contains those features such as the VSI (changeable sight in) choice that lets the shooter select in of four different sight in areas. Furthermore, the Rifle mode now comprises hold over info in MIL along with MOA in addition to inches and centimeters.

The newest DX Scout 1000

The newest DX Scout 1000 additionally shares the 6x magnification and 21mm object that’s on the g force versions, and it really is a big change in configuration from the preceding version Scout 1000 that experienced 5x magnification and also a 24mm purpose. Interestingly enough, the original 5x24mm variation is recorded as using a area of opinion 376 ft. at 1, 000 yards, even whereas the newest 6×21 is ranked as with 393ft in 1000 meters. Therefore, the new model has both more strength and a broader coverage area compared to old version.

As mentioned that the new variation DX Scout got perhaps not merely a increase in magnification which is essential to a dual purpose rangefinder that will be properly used for gun hunting, however also gained an greater area of view that’s a factor that will be valued while the unit is being used for engine searching.


ARC The original Scout was a big success for Bushnell however, it had been expected for an upgrade; the brand new Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is a solid combination of this newer force 1300 product and the original Scout 1000 ARC version. People searching for a dual use best laser rangefinder and may live without angle paid yardage in gun mode, will most likely be very well served using this updated variation. Despite of its updates and upgrades, the new DX Scout remains just rated for 650 on bushes along with 325 metres on bull, which we look for a little disappointing for a 1000 yard rangefinder. Whilst there isn’t any hard and quick rule of what a range-finder needs to read bull generally like to visit half of the best distance, to allow a 1, 000 yard range finder reading a deer at 500 meters.

ESP Conclusion Scout 1, 000 ARC Heritage No Horizontal Rifle Selection Like most of Bushnell rangefinders, actual horizontal space in yards is still just available in “Bow” style out to a max range of ninety nine yards. No flat distance is granted in gun mode, only angle paid hold-over information in inches, cm, Mils, or MOA. Many hunters and shooters prefer to only have the angle compensate yardage that this range-finder doesn’t offer.

Scout DX 1000

The Scout DX 1000 shares the identical home style whilst the gforce 1300 series and has got exactly the exact external dimensions; however the Scout housing is made from plastic in place of the metal casing found over the gforce model. The two models do have rubberized armoring to get a greater grasping surface area in damp conditions. Like the last version, the brand new DX Scout comes with both first and past objective priority styles known as Bullseye and Brush modes. The Bullseye mode allows end users to set the system report the closer of two items once the range-finder receives a carve scanning. Even the Brush mode is simply the opposite, and permits an individual to place the system to record the farthest thing when two objects will be found on one reading.


This new Bushnell Scout model also received the ESP (EX-tree pace and Truth) technologies utilized over the force 1300 designs. Even the ESP chip allows the newest Scout DX types to read faster and with increased accuracy than the first designs. The newest types are effective at half yard accuracy out to a hundred and twenty 5 yards and screens distance in tenth yard overlooks that selection. After 125 meters the reading is true to plus or minus 1 yard like the initial.

Despite the various up grades to the new model Scout, it has got the entire including capabilities with 1000 yards getting recorded as the maximum scope on reflective aims below good problems. 650 yards would be your distance ratings for items like trees and also the machine is rated as effective of ranging deer outside to 325 yards; of course these numbers depend on light conditions, target surfaces, etc.. However, the key benefit off is that the general anticipated distances in each class are no different to the brand new version compared to older edition. Bear in mind that the rate in which these readings are acquired and also the accuracy inside one hundred twenty five yards are improved.

New Characteristics Same Price

Despite the newest home layout, ESP technology along with also the full functions of this ARC manner; the newest DX Scout 1000 are priced exactly the same as the first with the black version going for £ 299 and also the camo version choosing roughly $30 a lot more. Although the upgrades the end cost remained the exact same as the original.

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