Best Harness Booster Car Seat 2018

I’m going to show you guys today here’s the current car seat configuration. We have Michael here on the end I keep him here so that I can put him in without hurting my back and he’s in the Britax pioneer 70.  I have the twins and Radian do knows I love those car seats. David’s back here in a gray cow I think it’s the Nautilus and then Alyssa is right there in the britax frontier.  We also put car seat pads underneath our car seats they greatly protect the seats. This is so far best 5 point harness booster seat for travel.  We clean out our car and there will be so much junk and gunk stuck back here in this section. I mean you can see some stuff that just hasn’t come off but I mean these things are life savers.

 We originally got these radians here for the twins because we were trying to fit three car seats across the back of our minivan and we realized that even though these ones say they can have three across we could not actually fit three. So we got this and we paired it with a different Britax car seat and got it to fit in the back of the minivan. But I know the car seat you guys all keep asking about is Alyssa’s I know everybody’s wondering why do you put your nine-year-old in the car seat. Why do you put your heel in the car seat why do you put your seven-year-old in the car seat .First of all I want to say that California has really strict car seat laws and it is required here that if you’re eight and under that you do ride in a car seat. First of all so Alyssa is 9 and I know it’s hard for you guys to judge her size, she may look big she may look small you know whatever but regardless it is my choice that I keep her in a car seat and she doesn’t have a problem with it.

The main reason I chose to keep even David and I plan to keep David and the twins in car seats similar to Alyssa for a while is because of this a few years back I was about to move Alyssa and David and put them in booster seats. I thought that they were old enough and they were assuming mature enough so it seemed like the right thing to do and in the meantime a friend of mine got in a really bad car accident with her family .They were close to their house and I think they hit someone or someone hit them but it was a pretty bad accident her kids were taken immediately to Children’s Hospital with some pretty severe injuries. Both her and her husband were quite, the interesting thing was that one person in the family in their car was not hurt at all. It was the child riding in  five point harness booster seat for over 40lbs. The CHP came to rescue them he told her that the safest way for kids to ride was with the five-point harness not a booster seat.

So when I heard that I started rethinking and I started researching it and I realized you know there’s got to be a reason that race car drivers and other people have five-point harnesses not regular seat belts. So I decided to keep my kids in the five-point harness because I believe that it’s safer and my kids don’t mind riding in it. I found quite a few things online that support that not only that but Alyssa’s car seat is rated to go up to 90 pounds, as a car seat and it’s rated to go as a booster up to 120 pounds.

Updated: May 2, 2018 — 10:30 am

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