Best Auto-Vox Jump Starter Full Review

As of about ten days ago my wife gave birth to a little baby girl and I also have a three year old boy one of the things that concerns me is them getting caught out you know car breaks down or something happens and I’m not there to help so it’s caused me to kind of think about her get home bag that she has in her vehicle we’re re configuring some of that stuff and one of the things that I wanted to do was give her an option when and if the battery dies on her car so on.

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Car Jumper Walkthrough

 Amazon I got this from Auto Vox it’s a jump starter I’ll go into all the

Details here in a few minutes but let’s take it over and show you something that I can immediately prove the value in

this I also have a Harley I have two of them but I’m selling one and I took it out to wash it the other day and the battery is completely dead so I threw this on it and let’s just show you what happens so this is one of those products that when you see it and before you buy it you kind of wonder is can something like this really start a car I mean it’s really lightweight too and it’s just a little battery bank and I’ve reviewed

Tons of battery banks on my blog.

Ankur Car Jumper and Power Bank

 Here’s one from Ankur in fact this one is 16,000 milliamp hours this one’s only 14,000 so it makes you wonder now there may be something in the amperage that allows this one to perform in such a way that to jump start a car where you know one like this would not but I’ve reviewed a ton of these things on the channel here’s another little one I think this one’s five thousand milliamp hours and you just saw it works I mean I hooked it up and it fired immediately that battery is completely dead you could hear the starter just clicking and it had absolutely no juice as soon as I hook this thing up we were good to go so there are a couple other nice features about this that make it perfect for my intention for putting it in my wife’s car in case of an emergency on the side here there are actually two USB charging ports.

Benefits of Portable Jumpers

 You can actually charge the cell phone with this if the car battery was completely dead it has a small compass on the top you know the chances are you using this to navigate your way home hopefully you never have to but there is a little button compass on the top there and it also has a flashlight on the front and to activate the flashlight you simply press and hold and it turns the flashlight on press again it goes into a strobe mode one more time goes into SOS once again and the light is off now you’ll notice on the top here there are LED indicators that is basically your battery level this is 0% this would be 25% 50 75 and 100% charged let’s take a look at the socket here it has a couple lights on there you saw in the footage earlier when I jump-started my bike when I hooked both of these cables up to the positive and negative terminals this green light came on the green indicator just basically tells you that you have a valid connection and the circuit is working if the green light is blinking and buzzing that mean.

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