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(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa

Dead hands clutch my arm The smell of death fills the air Her fragrance, Her carcass reanimates. Oh, if you need me I'll be tying a rope to the tree Where our love used to be. I've took down every photo of us and buried them at sea. I've took down every photo of [...]

100 Words

This is the final night, boys. We are the cracks in diamond walls. I tried to illuminate, but the shadows kill. I'm overshadowed. See how I blend with nothing? Now beautiful boys, let's destroy. We'll shine as the Lucite breaks and falls. Raise the new, glitter god, with the golden tears - the tears that [...]

1000 Good Intentions

It's all the same thing now that it ever was except now you've strayed too far need you to stop digging your hole and follow the path we light don't need an invitation to be reconciled 'cause these home fires are burning stare into your empty eyes and wonder... "How could something so right [...]


You only walk where you are led Cunning devils creeping in Their ideas are now your plans And now, my fevers breaking like a vow It makes me so Sick, the things that you still believe are Sick, the way you've been so deceived is Destroying the life you live It makes me so [...]

17 Crimes

If you had a day would you give me a moment? Would you allow our play to leave no bone unbroken? Let's love like seventeen I'm in love with poisoning Only bring your pretty frightful gifts to me Lets love and kill like seventeen now If I weren't so cold We couldn't freeze this moment. [...]


And shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow river forth to thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris, et Filli, Spiritus sancti. You've sunk lower than [...]

236 E. Broadway

It seems so tough sometimes When you face a day with back to back conflict When you get pushed around you might stand your ground Might end up on your back but... When you fall do you benefit and talk about it? When you fall do you get back up with your head above [...]

2nd Sucks

Fight! You're afraid like I make my deals with the devil You've been at it for years but couldn't reach the next level Let's keep it real, this is no competition to me Even if everyone around you acts like they don't see (Ohhh) Is anybody else listening? Out of sight, out of mind [...]

3 Day Weekend

aside from the name that holds us together now I think we'd fall apart it's the years we'll pretend we've forgotten that separate our hearts and I don't remember the way this was but the pictures prove I knew you once and where is the source of our mistakes I'm afraid one day we'll [...]


Bring your secrets to me. Just give me your hands and I’ll let you feel the wounds they put in me. If you believe in me, how can I be dissolving? If you'd believe me, I’d tell you everything. Do you fall too? (Every time that I) Yes, I fall. (Every time that I) Do [...]


As I watch your life go up in flames, You'll swear up and down you'd like to change But when the sun sinks slowly into the sky, Now you're right Where you started again with nothing to say, Without an argument or case And when it's said and done and done and said, And [...]

A Beautiful Indifference

There's a struggle coming, but to conquer, first they must divide. The machines keep humming night and day. How are we so unaware, Why are you not afraid? Protests are drumming while you turn your nose and roll your eyes, Knee-jerk reactions so ingrained. Judging from an arm chair. Cause there is hate and [...]

A Better Place

She said she never believed in the idea of fate No love at first sight stories, I wasn't her soulmate When she collapsed (when she collapsed) I thought she was joking But she didn't get up again, she didn't get up again A thousand flowers, a hundred cards to say She's in a better [...]

A Deep Slow Panic

I watched you glide out the door With poise I'd not seen before I saw you shine… you shine I collapsed to the floor It promised it missed me more And said, "True love is mine. I missed you. Did you miss me?" Slowly, it's consuming me Deliberate and deep. I can't take this deeper [...]

A Gentlemen’s Coup

The pain, disorder A cataclysmic dawn We trusted but something has gone wrong We bought in But woke to find it gone Impact in 5-4-3-2… Brace for fallout The radiation creeps On cats feet We scatter in the streets She asked me "Do you think it's safe to breathe?" It doesn't look that way [...]

A Giant In A Giants World

Behold this is my vision no less real for being unseen Like a giant in a giant's world I am proud of nothing We try to be better from the outside in But still we have no place to call home in the end A wise man speaks when he has something to say [...]

A Great Fire

Burning down We can't stop it We gotta get out Start again The memories are gone forever Don't try To turn this around on me I'm the one that saved you This was my home This was my life It's not always just about you And as I heard The sirens begin to chime [...]

A Hero Loses Everyday

Hey! I've lost everything. Now I've gotta find a way out. Hey! They keep asking me where I was when it was burning There's no trying to explain. They'll lock me up again. Throw away the key. The protagonist became the villain they disdain in every way Hey! I've lost everything. But I'm gonna [...]

A Lot Like Vegas

So cash in all your chips tonight baby Cause were going out of style. We could leave this city, if only for a while. We'll take this feeling to our graves For every heart we betrayed. No one can know about this. [x2] The only place I'll call home, is my deathbed. I know [...]

A Match Into Water

I kissed the scars on her skin. I still think you're beautiful and I don't ever wanna lose my best friend. I screamed out, "God, you vulture. Bring her back, or take me with her." Tear it down, break the barricade. I wanna see what sound it makes. I hate this flavor with a [...]

A Midwestern State Of Emergency

I am a dead man, I’m crawling into a trap. A horizontal response, I'm laying down for you once again. You've taking what's granted. I've said goodbye to my friends, I've thrown myself headfirst into this. Close the curtain and strand me. Found myself lost again, with even more excuses, and even less concern. [...]

A Moment

All the lies don't hold me, But they're sinking in my skin, Coursing through my veins And the truth eludes me, Losing sight of it again Save me from myself Close my eyes, see my life Have I lost my way? I hope this is the last time Am I here to stay? Nowhere [...]

A Second Glance

This is for you (this is for you). You're the one worth waiting for. You're all I ever needed in this life. Let's take a look back, so we can see, What it took to bring us here and we're So reminded of better days, When we were both happy. This is for you [...]

A Shipwreck In The Sand

Once upon a time Before the lakes and rivers were polluted Before the animals were poached to extinction And before man had destroyed the earth's atmosphere There was a great ship. This vessel was to venture into new waters To find new resources, to make life easier and more enjoyable. It was a simple [...]

A Shot In The Dark

Ch-ch-ch-ow! Lets take them back to the days, when we were family. My breath was your breath when we were young. I think it's funny how the times have changed, throw being jealous in the mix and now all I know of you is a name, Couldn't have came at a better time. This [...]

A War Inside

The devil on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me That it takes a real man to look out for himself and no one else I don't want to believe that But sometimes it's easier to just stay silent I wish I knew how to speak out I never had a problem with [...]


How can you just turn your back on everything you said you believe It may not be real to you but it's real to me Leave me out, I want no part of this Open the gates and push me in I'm not ashamed of who I have been I'll never hesitate to say [...]


Every night devise new heights in genocide. Lover, I am loveless. All my friends and I toast health and suicide. Lover, I am lonely. Were you holding hands when my palms bled? Oh, I will be all right... just use me, just use me. The future's bright without me. Spend some time walking the line. [...]

Alive And Well

(Are you ready to rock?) Now's the time To rearrange your life Live for something Outside of your own mind We all dream The same dream every night To burn the world that you call civilized Alive and well I live to be alive And I live to always strive For something more Alive [...]

Alive In The Lights

From the beginning I knew I was different. I embraced it, but you didn't. Your normal life, 9-5, it's just not for me. I need to feel alive! I won't fall like the rest of them, they've come and gone with the wind. I hear the doubt in the back of your mind but [...]

All I Want

I’m always screaming my lungs out Till my head starts spinning Playing my songs is the way I cope with life Won’t keep my voice down Know the words I speak are the thoughts I think out loud I like to keep things honest. I’m a safe bet like your life’s staked on it, [...]

All Signs Point To Lauderdale

I hate this town, it's so washed up And all my friends don't give a fuck They'll tell me that it's just bad luck When will I find where I fit in 2,3,4! Remember when I tried I'd never strayed too far from you Forever by your side No matter what I was going [...]

Alligator Blood

[x2] Let's play a game of Russian roulette, I'll load the gun, you place the bets. Tell me, who will make it out alive. Over and over and over again, we play the same old games. Cards kept close to my chest, that way the secret's kept. So wear your poker face. Here's to [...]

Already Dead

You won't find me here the place that you expected me to be in my bed on the second floor I'm outside your house I'm closing in on you and all the times you smiled you said hello and thought I was ok I was planning your final struggle [Chorus] When you wake up [...]

Always And Never

This was my fate, giving in To your lips, to your eyes I should have known it would come back to haunt me Crooked smile, the reflection in your eyes That shows my weakness for Beautiful mistakes, Something that I know you've seen before, I'm not the first Set the trap, I'm falling for [...]

Amber Changing

Information kept to myself and everybody wants to know, I trust the words of no one else cause I've been there before, Your voice is wasted 'cause I'm not listening These callused fingers are wrapped around a black ball-point pen, These eyes don't wander as far as they at one time did, I've seen [...]

American Dream

It was on our wedding day When my heart began to stray Never thought I'd make such a big mistake Throw my life away I've gone days without food I've went weeks without sleep Keeping this in I've got cuts I can't close I've got wounds that won't heal It's all your fault I've [...]

An Ever-Growing Wonder

I am the man in the mirror. My reflection, I aspire to be. In your reflection what do you see? False fault or a masterpiece? But a masterpiece starts with a single stroke and empires start in an open field. (I am the man in the mirror) But a masterpiece starts with a single [...]

And The Snakes Start To Sing

I've lost the plot again Tell your friends to sharpen their teeth There's a few quid to be made... And my soul's a sorry state So come on down, you empty lovers. Worms come out of the woodwork And the snakes start to sing. Do you feel the chill, Clawing at the back of [...]

Another Song About The Weekend

They keep playing sad songs on the radio And I feel like I'm so alone On this 15-hour drive And all the while I tell myself to just believe Cause nobody can give so much And never get anything (never get anything) Everyone I used to know Says they don't know what I've become [...]

Another You

White walls (Filled with nothing but) Nervous paces (All around I see) Something's off (Inside of myself) I see it in their faces Say anything, say anything Say anything that can make this all okay Take it away, take it away Take away all of this emptiness I feel 'Cause I will never find [...]


This is an anthem, so fucking sing A dedication to the end of everything This is an anthem, so fucking sing (So fucking sing) A dedication to the end of everything Someone call an ambulance, I got wounds to attend Someone call a doctor, I fear this is the end This happens all the [...]


Middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck. I'm sick to death of swallowing Every single thing I've said. Middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck. You think you're changing anything? Question everything. The world is a shit-tip, your children are fucked. The ones you think guard you are out for [...]


Tear into silence, my ears begin to ring Begin to ring in the new sound anxiously Oh, I am anxious and aching, breathing the burning air Caring for something that is not there Knowing what's fated, begin my fatal flight Flying obscenely into the light But the light will evade me to bring down punishment [...]

Anyway You Want It

Anyway you want it that's the way you need it Anyway you want it She loves to dance she loves to sing she does everything she loves to move she loves to groove she loves the lovin' things All night all night oh every night so hold tight hold tight oh baby hold tight [...]

Anywhere But Here

We've been alright up until now, but the air that we breathe is about to run out. We've rehearsed our lines clear and loud, but the cue never came and the lights, they never went down. So we're passing the time, while time passes us. The fast lanes a term never applied to us. [...]


Are there no fighters left here anymore? Are we the generation we've been waiting for? Or are we patiently burning, waiting to be saved? Our heroes, our icons have mellowed with age. Following rules that they once disobeyed. They're now being led when they used to lead the way Do you still believe in [...]


You're killing me kid, But I know you're not trying to. It's just that I've crossed out More than I wrote down for you And now I'm trying to play it off, Like, "Oh, I wasn't trying that hard". What I'm trying to say is I was trying to say that you should come [...]

Audience Of One

I can still remember The words and what they meant As we etched them with our fingers In years of wet cement The days blurred into each other Though everything seemed clear We cruised along at half speed But then we shifted gears We ran like vampires from a thousand burning suns But even [...]


Cut me open and tell me what's inside Diagnose me cause I can’t keep wondering why And no it's not a phase cause it happens all the time Start over, check again, now tell me what you find Cause I'm going out of frequency Can anyone respond? It's like an avalanche I feel myself [...]

Awake Too Long

I watched the rise and the fall of the common man I lived to see our steps walked back I watched the walls all crash down, crumbling Just to be rebuilt while we slipped We threw swords in the oceans wide and deep We promised peace but the peace won’t last 'Cause now we [...]

Bad Vibrations

Don't forget that this is a choice Pick your poison, live with remorse Don't forget that this is a choice Pick your poison, live with remorse I could burn a hole with my eyes that cuts straight through the skin No more love, no more resolution It's getting harder bearing the darkness within I [...]

Ballad Of Hollis Brown

Hollis Brown He lived on the outside of town Hollis Brown He lived on the outside of town With his wife and five children And his cabin brokin' down. You looked for work and money And you walked a rugged mile You looked for work and money And you walked a rugged mile Your [...]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Raise your glass to everything You've accomplished on your own I promise it wouldn't mean a thing tomorrow We're all just headed straight for the ocean floor On a ship without any captain aboard This time you can't save yourself We're all (we're all) just wasting time Standing still waiting for Something to happen, [...]

Beautiful Thieves

My dear there is no danger Can't you see they turn blind eyes To we swift and spotlight strangers? Oh before the rush is over We will be revered again While the victims still recover Oh! If we run this light Take a little life No one will care at all Oh! We can burn [...]

Been There, Done That

We are all guilty But silence will not save our souls We are becoming tired and weary and our conscience is slowly growing old Living by the reason of science Never question what we are told These words rise above my voice but I think you already know Now let's get one thing straight [...]

Behind Closed Doors

Chairs thrown and tables toppled, Hands armed with broken bottles, Standing no chance to win but, We're not running, we're not running. There's a point I think we're missing, It's in the air we raise our fists in, In the smiles we cast each other, My sister, my brother. About the time we gave [...]


What is this whispered thief? Is it a lie? Is it a lie? Does fabrication begin at belief? Who steals my years to keep all to themselves? Is it only just the ground we stand upon? Is it only just the ground we stand upon? Is it only just the ground we stand upon? [...]

Ben Threw

Loose lips sink ships, So I'll keep silent. I suggest your words stay in your mouth! It's never ending, the cycles ascending. People keep asking, I'm not here! I don't really think that you've ever walked a mile in my shoes! I don't really think that you know what I've been through! What I've [...]

Beneath The Skin

Another day she sets foot in this prison, Dreading what they'll say. So much to give, but no one ever listens. She dreams of running away. Crippled by the way they make her feel, She takes a look at her wrists and turns to the blade. It's not a cry for attention if she [...]


You're my favorite explosion. (You know the only real way to cure pain is to add a little more, because everything new distracts the old.) A violin with no hands plays symphonies with no words. A drowning boy with no voice prays someone up there's telling me, You'd better not get back up! I [...]

Best Of Me

What'd you expect from me? It's not my fault you'll never be happy. Just cause you're right doesn't mean I'm wrong, Our days were numbered and we knew it all along. Can't you let things be? Now all that's left is misunderstandings. Spent my nights wishing I was gone. My dad was right, we [...]

Better Off This Way

I wonder if you’ll notice, If they lock me up and throw away the key Try to be open minded, You’ve got a lot to learn in the ways of me You always got to say something, I’m none of your concern but you won't listen at all You know I’d rather say nothing, [...]

Black & Blue

I guess some kids are just born with tragedy in their blood, I try to wash this away, I wanna cleanse your VEINS! I can help you see the light Out of your despair, You tie the rope, I'll kick the fucking chair! I feel the malice in my veins My heart swells with [...]

Black Masks & Gasoline

Simply because you can breathe, doesn't mean you're alive, or that you really live. this life has taken it's toll and she just doesn't know, how much more she can give But here, at the top of the world, where I raise my hands and I clench my fists, they stand before me below, [...]


So just like that you're fucking dead and gone You can only wear a crown of thorns for so long We built an empire and you took the throne But you built it from bayonets and sat there alone I hope your queen was worth it, Do you still serve her on your knees? [...]


You got hell to pay but you already sold your soul It's blasphemy But the words don't make sense no more What would your mother say, your faith that you ignored So don't try to tell me that you still believe No don't preach to me Ask no questions and you'll get no lies [...]

Bleed Black

Oh I am exploring the inside, I find it desolate I do implore these confines, now, as they penetrate, "recreate me" I'm hovering throughout time, I crumble in these days I crumble, I cannot, I cannot find reflection in these days (If you listen) Listen, listen (Listen close) Beat by beat (You can hear when [...]

Bleeds No More

My heart bleeds no more; now, it's been turned to stone. Your stomach feels sick for someone else. I've broken both my legs falling for you. Drag me on the ground. Powerless I stand, tarnished blade, cutting through, pushed into my vein. Blood still stains my hands. Sharpening my sense of pain outside My [...]

Blessed With A Curse

Ever since this began, I was blessed with a curse. And for better or for worse I was born into a hearse. I know I said my heart beats for you. I was lying girl, it beats for two. Because I got your love and I got these vices. Take back every word I've [...]


What if I’m right and you are wrong? What if you knew it all along? What if I figured out that I did not belong? What if it always bothered me? What if I never did believe? Would it be wrong if I decided I should leave? If I pretended I was blind And [...]

Blood To Bleed

This place rings with echoes of Lives once lived but now are lost Time spent wondering about tomorrow I don’t care if we lose it all tonight Up in flames, burning bright Warming the air of the world “I don’t love you anymore” is all I remember you telling me Never have I felt [...]

Blood-Red, White & Blue

So come test me, so come break me So come on intoxicate me With hands tied behind my back I fight And wait for you to strike A new problem we cannot stop them We're outnumbered and uncautioned A rally cry rings out into the night So pride yourself on what you are And [...]


I always saw you as something else It looks like my eyes played a trick on themselves But I galaxy it in misguided shade May erase the image of the life we made I was set on you, when you had to shift Mistakenly you had your flaws burned in And it covers me [...]

Bodies And Words

This conversation always ends with goodbye. You're standing here behind the door, you're waiting with your rope. Maybe you just have to sleep in someone else's bed. Maybe you just have to keep searching for something better than perfect, which you know will never exist. It's cut and dried. There's no defense like a [...]

Bones Exposed

It's like loving a lion that cannot be tamed I snap at the thought or the sound of your name Pulling teeth from my stomach You've been eaten alive My blood fills your lungs My soul, your inside My feet they stand on ashes From the fires that you've made Burning bridges just to [...]

Born Dead

You call this a privilege No, I call it a right There's no respect for life No compromising Coverage denied (Coverage denied) So sit behind your desk and tell me how I'm supposed to feel inside You know I'm slowly dying, how long I have left is for you to decide We keep on [...]

Boy’s No Good

Tune the electric bass to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th string. The boy's no good. Yeah, he's a fuckin' hood. He won't treat you like he should. I heard he's making time with this friend of mine. I heard he's talking trash. I saw that kid last night. He's starting fights. He's got [...]

Break Free

Break free Through every bone I break Through every word you say You're just another enemy Right now, get away from me You won't, get the best of me I can't, stop or slow down I never have and I never will You won't break me Or silence this heartbeat Your words they mean [...]

Breathing Towers To Heaven

I saw this alone The city was aflame Did I turn right in or turn away? Seems I went back home Holed up for a day Some say a year passed, but that's Okay I'll stay I'll stay Disappear with me here Where the sun shows no fear, as it burns my resolution To remain, [...]


When faith alone is not enough, To keep our heads barely above, We look for reason and come up empty-handed. And when our children fight our wars, While we sit back just keeping score, We're teaching murder not understanding now. We're setting the fires to light the way, We're burning it all to begin [...]


In a world of uncertainty The night sky told us all to be patient But when the ground started shaking I wondered for how long There’s a place that I’d rather be There’s a voice deep inside of me Saying the progress we are making Is not progress at all Into a world of [...]

Broken English

our buildings have fallen, our walls all caved in, and we can't comprehend this sad state that we're in so we sift through the ashes of what we've become and surrender here one by one, so push us down and we get right back up again, the things you're telling me aren't making any [...]

Broken Generation

He sits & he waits Feeling broken & hollow Hands held close to his face Screaming why do I bother? They'll just tear me down, Rip me apart, cast aside like a sinner With no words from the wise Will you ever learn? Learn to listen Can you hear them calling? You'll testify to [...]

Broken Mirrors

Hey man, now did you hear Your final days are near? In a free fall of fire and ice And explosions in the sky A fate, yeah, that we deserve There's no escape, no Now it's your turn Now it's your turn It's been years Since our luck ran out and left us here [...]

Broken Stars

Shooting daggers at me Letting it be known you're not impressed I never fail at failing all your tests Don't be so proud 'Cause you're still so scared to be alone And you can't change your mind You won't embrace this But you'll accept it You can't let go Broken stars By a single [...]

Broken Statues

Show me your hands Let me wash them clean. Show me your heart. And let me heal you. We all need this. To be renewed. After time and wear. We're broken statues. Vines intertwined. Around your insides. Hold you down. You beg for restoration. Your best has crumbled. From being so weathered. We all [...]


A 26 ounce promise The bottle still lays there We'll make a right on Brookfield Never took anyone else here The days I sit for hours This night I tried to throw these rocks in to This dirty lake that's home You standing in my backyard Your hands up in the air Calling out [...]

Built To Last

Invest time, invest life invest it all, reinvent yourself before you know it your essence is renewed with something fresh Your will, your way will earn respect in your day let the glory sharpened knife carve the future of your life let's not praise the past, just a fact Built to last old school [...]

Bulletproof Love

I breathe you in with smoke in the backyard lights, (Backyard light) we used to laugh until we choked into the wasted nights. (Wasted nights) It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone, (Sleep alone) So darling, don't, don't wake me up, 'cause my thrill is gone. (Say I'm [...]


What a waste, I see you now and then, But mostly we pretend We're not more strangers than we're friends. Then we say, what we need to say, To try and get away From the tension we create. Why can't we say the things, the things we wish we would? Why can't we laugh [...]

Bulls In The Bronx

Do you know I count your heartbeats before you sleep? I bite my fingernails to bone. And then I crawl back under the stairwell To a place I call my home. I really hope you enjoy the show, Because for me, it's just a bad day. You need people like me to feel. Maybe [...]

Buried At Sea

All together we’re taking pictures These eyes, this smile, a look put on a thousand times This town of lies, it only makes sense we’re both here A perfect match, a symbiotic relationship No lines in this sand, I want to stay here until the end Then you said, living here’s a death sentence [...]

Burning Hearts

The blood is rushing to my head This room is spinning 'round the bed A flashing image perforates Tarnishes memories of grace A bursting bond reforms into this shape And if my body makes it out Unscathed and safe from broken vows A promise spoken leaves me holding on I just can't get a [...]

But Tonight We Dance

Breathe deep and easy, swallow this pride. Stare at my shaking hands through bone-dry, blood shot eyes. Clocks drip the hours, I count the miles. Will you be there waiting, awake until sunrise. I have traveled in darkness, for what seems like days, I, come from the sinkholes, collapsed under this weight. I know [...]


Feel it, the calm after the storm. As still as I can be. I'm finally all alone until I fall asleep. Did I escape or am I captured? Trapped in a cage of rear view mirror eyes. Triangles that look like faces. This is what I get for my revenge. A hidden microphone, an [...]

Call It Karma

Blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess And this February darkness has me hating everyone And I know I need your comfort, but this drama makes me sick And the longer I lay here I know it's harder to get up without you [Chorus:] Lose another day here Lose another year here [...]

Can You Feel My Heart?

Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel, can you feel my heart? (Can you feel my heart) Can you help the hopeless? Well, I'm begging on my knees Can you save my bastard soul? Will you wait for me? I'm sorry brothers, so [...]


Sunshine, there ain't a thing that you can do that's gonna ruin my night. (But, there's just something about) This dizzy dreamer and her bleeding little blue boy. Licking your fingers like you're done and, You've decided there is so much more than me. And baby, honestly it's harder breathing next to you, I [...]

Casablanca Sucked Anyways

I've spent so much time trying to fix your life that I forgot about mine. This time I'm putting my foot straight through the floor. You won't be walking through any of my doors anymore. So tell me what's so wrong with me that you could leave so easily. And you threw this all [...]

Cast The First Stone

I'll cast the first stone Just to take the attention away from me Anything to protect my reputation Because I feel like that's all I have, all I know What do I look like in their eyes? Is it something desirable? Or am I nothing? What do I look like in their eyes? What [...]

Chamber The Cartridge

(This is Noyes) Down beyond these city streets through gutters filled with black debris In alleys void of any light where nameless things live out of sight Down through the scrapers of the sky past neon words glowing all night Echoes my name between each car, "Are you happy where you are?" Blind to [...]

Chasing Rainbows

They drag me underground The lights are slowly fading The world I thought I knew I never knew at all The dead don't make a sound Unless you're chasing rainbows And then they scream your name Clawing at the gates So pull me out And hold me down Let's find a way To lose [...]

Chelsea Smile

I've got a secret It's on the tip of my tongue It's on the back of my lungs and I'm gonna keep it I know something you don't know It sits in silence Growling in the dark Eats away at me It feeds like cancer This guilt could fill a, fucking sea Pulling teeth, [...]

Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides

Like a rush shot through you Everyone is watching you Told you why I see no need for the sun (I've found a reason to say) A love you light is a love soon gone If this is it Don't bother cause this love is a lie I'm a chemical kid You're a mechanical [...]

City Of Ocala

Fuck yeah! Remember way back when? They said this life was a dream. Well it still is, I never wanna wake. Standing in my backyard at our old practice space Hard to hold back the tears from streaming down my face. That was then, this is now. You can't run before you go learn [...]

Coffee Mug

Mug, mug, mug Coffee mug Gonna clear away the haze Liquid proof That I can win this race Coffee mug The grip that keeps me tall My inter-link Keeps me questing all I don't need no booze or drugs I just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug And I don't need your kiss and hug I [...]

Cold Hands

How I regret what I must do but you've left me no choice. Though I still strain I can't recall the beauty of your fey voice. Now that I've heard come through the walls a song I've heard many times I must return all you gave me in the company of swine. We had found [...]

Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine

Don't point your finger baby This isn't the best time for you to test me "This wasn't just anyone here" she said If it wasn't you, it's someone you would lie for Tell me, who would you lie for? Let's live the lie I'm still singing "Whoa" (Whoaa) Don't say you won't let it [...]

Collapse (Post-Amerika)

When our rivers run dry and our crops cease to grow And when our summers grow longer and winters won't snow From the banks of the ocean and the ice in the hills To the fight in the desert where progress stands still When we've lost our will That's how we'll know This is [...]


we were designed for more. in an image not our own. but we've fallen short. i'm quite speechless and was quite unaware. of what the capabilities of a weak heart are. we're cast away. it'll run through the back of your head until you regain control again. the sleep lost on these thoughts wasn't [...]

Conjunctions, Conjunctions, Everybody Loves Them

Staring at the pictures on my walls wishing I was there But I'm stuck in a world where nobody cares, I've gotta finish Wondering what you'll do when I'm gone, I bet you'll find somebody new I got a ticket for a one way ride and I'm never gonna look back, never gonna look [...]

Cowbell’s Makin’ A Comeback

By the streets of that one bedroom apartment We stood and watched the storm. Our eyes upon the blackened sky, As the rain began to fall. With a gentle sigh you took my hand and pulled me in, So close. Our pulses, beating a rhythm of passion As the lightning split the sky. I [...]

Crooked Young

Believe in no one Hallelujah, well I'm saved Just a dozen steps and 28 days It's a miracle, I'll be born again With the Lord as my Shepard I will find a way Fuck your faith. No one's gonna save you. Fuck your faith. There's no hope for us We speak in tongues, blacker [...]

Crucify Me

Crucify me, and nail my hands to a wooden cross There is nothing above, there is nothing below Heaven and Hell lives in all of us. And I've been cast astray I am an ocean, I am the sea There is a world inside of me Lost in the abyss, drowned in the deep [...]

Currents Convulsive

(So long!) Congratulations, break a leg tonight What a shame I heard the understudy died under the knife Crying backwards under bedroom lights (The operation) I don't think you'll ever want to love me You'd better listen to your doctor, doctor Sober up and bury the empty cup In a backyard of Seattle we [...]

Dancing For Rain

we're losing daylight but i can't work any faster. under the veil of dusk we go on don't close your eyes. what if it all disappears in the shadows that reach from the stars? if i held my ground would you ask me to change? this drought bleeds on now we're dancing for rain [...]

Dancing On My Grave

Stop pretending that you're better, you're as guilty as all the rest. You're planning shelter from this division, a ruined cities aftermath. Some people call it tragedy, I call it moving on. I never asked for you to care, I never wanted the things you've got. And now you're praying for your rapture, As [...]

Dancing Through Sunday

Will you join me in this dance, this dance of misery Cradled in imposs... impossibility? Swooning, I am swept away Swept off my feet, with step by step by step We take the lead as drop by drop, we start... to bleed (Oh, we dance in misery) And we dance on, and we dance on [...]

Darling Harbour

In the lighthouse by the sea, at the 33rd degree You make me feel so special and free But there's something in the air turning stutters into stares I look into your blue eyes and say... (Darling) Don't throw it all away (Darling) I'm here to make you stay with me In the sun [...]

Darling, I Want To Destroy You

Were you dying to go? You just looked so exposed, demure through the dark dancing lights. I glided by. I can't deny that the shadows betrayed you and I on that night. Oh, I must confess I am overdressed. Are you not impressed? Darling I want to. I'll confess this too, must you know the [...]

Dawn Of The Fall

It was yesterday you told me you loved me, But today I learned you found someone else and everything was fake, was fake. When I get back home I know that you'll be gone. And all the things I've given you are left behind; I'll put them in a box. Yeah! And today I [...]

Dead & Buried

Let me find the way that I can make do. Without circumstance, without follow through. A man in desperation can't trust a troubled mind. I'm building an empire, say I'm wrong. I don't mind if it's all against one. No room for weakness, I'll be gone forever. Dear mother, as this noose is placed [...]

Dead Ringer

I never claimed to be something more than me, your standards, I refuse to see, I will answer only to myself, so why don't you police someone else the place I call home isn't there anymore, with boards on the windows and locks on the door, so pick up the pieces that never once [...]

Death Blossoms

On dirt like snow The lions pace The bones of men that start to overgrow Are all that remains What they stole was innocence The slate once clean has gone as black as coal Time and time again Take a look around The tide is turning upside down The image of a world reflects [...]

Death Breath

The sun goes down, we come out A different party in a different city The sun comes up, we go down We lived fast and died pretty We're all vampires And we own this fucking night We're all vampires And we own this fucking... I'm not homesick I'm just so sick of going home [...]


Eyes like a car crash I know I shouldn't look but I can't turn away. Body like a whiplash, Salt my wounds but I can't heal the way I feel about you. I watch you like a hawk I watch you like I'm gonna tear you limb from limb Will the hunger ever stop? [...]

Defend You

I'm lying down and you can't see why I've gone to sleep Try to relate can't give in to your temptations (temptations) All your hopes and dreams, washing away silently forget everything you taught me (you taught me) when I looked up to you Fall to your knees and give up your aspirations (aspirations) [...]


Ready to defy, ready to resist Open up these walls built to keep you out Going stronger with every struggle Like a wave crashing into the shore each time Can't be stopped with your emotion As we repossess the ocean Still my walls stand high I can feel these walls, feel them closing in [...]


I'm dying here before your eyes inside of darkened circles I'm afraid of savage things I fought to keep away Before I found out just what I found that I knew you'd become Now you know the things I'm running from... You could help me hide in the places I once lived and lost [...]

Desert Nights

I’m running back to you, keep running back to you This is where I lay, I’ve been drunk for seven days I couldn’t tell the truth, so I made up alibis to hide my dishonest life Wait, there’s something I can’t explain so I’m giving in again All these desert nights they keep me [...]

Destination: Blood!

This is our party! We pick the records! We set the dress code! And make love on the dance, Make love on the dance floor! Like it or not we're the only game in town! Like it or not we're the only game! Like it or not we're the only game in town! Like [...]

Destiny For The Willing

We are alive the last men standing from the fight We are the chosen and we claim your life tonight Breathe in the light that surrounds us Can you fell it take the risk but know the consequence Know the consequence If we were made for this Who are we to act any differently [...]

Deuces Las Cruces

Living in-between What's real today And what is possible For tomorrow Now I know This is our call We have been shown The path we will follow It's easier said than done We've lost more than we have won The only thing that keeps our feet moving Is your love Oh This is all [...]

Diamonds And Why Men Buy Them

Oh no, here we go again I look to receive what the earth and sea Had thought it'd be best not to even give me Even give me Now you say that I never bother you The way he did (Now open eyes) Now I saw the moon divorce the sky Is this what [...]

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak And we will never [...]

Dirt And Roses

This city grieves like widows clasping folded flags against their hearts Raindrops spill like dirt and roses on black coffins in the dark Not yet corpses, still we rot, oblivious to our decay Drinking poison, drop by drop, descend to dark Unless we save our lives From the coming tide That seeks to drown [...]


I laid down, I drank the poison then I passed the fuck out. Now let me tell you 'bout the good life, I have a million different kinds of fun when I'm asleep and in a dream that I'm your only one. Can we create something beautiful and destroy it? Nobody knows I dream [...]

Discovering The Waterfront

I will promise myself I won't care distracting myself from your stare and I've seen this mistake once before with your games I will never fall for I've hung up my guns I won't kill again I won't forget you (I won't forget you) I'm not gonna let you win (I'm not gonna...) but [...]

Disparity By Design

All the way at the bottom Of the barrels we cry out So ashamed of our tears that We blame only ourselves That's when they win They keep us convinced To lift up our chins These playing fields are level We all have a chance With that they dismiss The fast lanes they rode [...]


It's three o'clock in the morning, You lie awake with a heavy heart. You're thinking, "What is the meaning? Was I a waste? A mistake from the start?" You just can't seem to remember, The last time anyone seemed to care. All passion seems to wither, When it seems you have no purpose here, [...]

Don’t Go

I was raised in the valley, there was shadows and death. Got out alive but with scars I can't forget. This kid back in school, subdued and shy. An orphan and a brother and unseen by most eyes. I don't know what it was that made a piece of him die, Took a boy [...]


Cut off my wings and come lock me up Just pull the plug yeah, I've had enough Tear me to pieces, sell me for parts You're all vampires so here You can have my heart You can have my heart You can have my heart The walls are a funeral, I run with ghosts [...]


This is my deepest dream. This is how I show you my love. (My love, my love) This is him speaking to me. This is me speaking to you. (My love, my love) This is him speaking through me to you. This is him speaking through me to you. I'm here struggling with my [...]


You're busy drawing hearts You run your fingers down the glass An open mirror Now you're sleeping in the front seat Like a crushed leaf on the concrete night Murder ring What are you talking about? Murder ring And how did you get into my house? I think you buried me too deep You [...]


Deep inside these burning buildings Voices die to be heard Years we spent teaching a lesson We ourselves had never learned And if strength is born from heartbreak Then mountains I could move And if walls could speak I'd pray That they would tell me what to do If you see me, please just [...]


What doesn't kill you makes you wish you were dead Got a hole in my soul, growing deeper & deeper And I can't take one more moment of this silence. The loneliness is haunting me. And the weight of the world's getting harder to hold up. It comes in waves I close my eyes [...]

Elective Amnesia

We don't sleep very much These triggers ache for the touch Where's the strength we relied on? Fear alone, like a crutch, maybe that's what keeps us up all night with the light on Glowing screens simulate Lives that no longer take place Can this be what we've become? Paper thin, overweight, pills to [...]

Empire (Let Them Sing)

It's the start of the end, surrender the throne The blood on my hands covered the holes We've been surrounded By vicious cycles And we're truly alone The scars on your heart are yours to atone We've been surrounded Let 'em sing, let 'em sing! The deeper you dig, the darker it gets There's [...]

End Of Me

I took some time away For understanding of what brought us here today Oh, you'll be the end of me I'm never happy like we were happy I'm never sad like we were sad Oh, you'll be the end of me You know me all too well And I can't suppress the memories You're [...]

End Transmission

Pull the top down, use your knees to drive. I'll make it worth your while just let me taste the sky. You pressed your mouth on mine and fed me a star And said "we never can truly know who we are." Know who we are. With the lights out and the night inside the [...]


And on that day they'll tell you That life hummed on with no clue The warning signs were all dismissed or shouted down So it goes The kings all failed to tell us The madmen failed to sell us On what would then befall the only life we know Were they burning signal fires [...]

Endlessly, She Said

Walked into our world and made horrible sounds. I can still hear them today. Strangely, they seem beautiful now though they outlast my love. Still, each time I always meant every word, every one. Though, in time they finally bent every word, every one, every word. "I will wait for you", she said, "endlessly". "I [...]


All we are is entertainment Caught up in our own derangement Tell us what to say and what to do All we are are pretty faces Picture perfect bottled rage Packaged synthesized versions of you We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life Confined to pull-out quotes and hotel rooms They [...]

Escape Artists

Undercover of the dark night Avoid the clattered street lights And disappear at dawn Camouflage ourselves to get by Hiding here in plain sight Waiting for a sign to come It's the lottery of life We all play to just get by Some of us escaped Found a better way, a better life The [...]


Wear your tears tonight my dear. I'd say they truly suit you, unimpressed and moistly dressed. I may decide to keep you. I open my mouth and drink down the sea. You'd drown in me. If savior sleep would cease to evade ... I'd dream it all away. I'm caught in the fall, when I'm [...]


In the face Of change That's when she turned to me and said "I'm not sure anymore" And there Amidst the waves and the cloudless skies That blanket the year before I watch my life wash ashore Have you ever been a part of something That you thought would never end? And then, of [...]

Everything As Planned

I don't sleep at night I just lay and think About if everything went just how I've planned And how nothing is going how I've planned I'm tied down to the bed I've made The one I've said that I have left I shouldn't speak before I know I've built and rebuilt the bed [...]


I won’t accept your fear Another stagnant year I'm pro-American but anti-politician They'll trade you a voice For an illusion of choice Truth hits like a god damn premonition Inroads to the hangman's noose We got a lot to lose Is this where you wanna be? Exhumed they're not through with you Until you're [...]

Face Of The Earth

They take our pictures as Angels and Kings We’re all pretending we’re someone One percenters or stars to be, jewels of the Midwest It’s always taken the best of me Locked it away and broke the key To this house of stairs and misery at the bottom displaced me Fake and make no hesitation [...]

Fade Away

I won't fade away Like a flame burnt out You're a shadow of yourself A memory blacked out The bridge has been burned down Less is learned in time When you fade to the background Will you take my hand? We will walk this road We can change the map I won't fade away [...]

Faint Resemblance

Wait, I'm not listening to you now I wasn't listening to you then I know that nothing will be the same again there's only so much I can handle only so much I can take before my knees start to buckle and my arms start to shake Have we been here before? will we [...]

Fainting Spells

Give me this before I slip, Before I sink, because I think, I think I may have found the short way down. Just give me something Cold and clear- The love spent here, As I had feared means nothing dear. I pray to reason I'll forget. I'll trade what's left. Just give me something! I'm [...]

Falling Asleep On A Stranger

Well, you know that I'm cold Black on constellations gold And you know that your soul's Black top under lacing won't let it go It was all for you, all for you and more She won't chase him anymore To the end, never leave Fall asleep on the first I face And they say [...]

Falling Down

Cut through the skin with knives of words I'm still bleeding out questions of nerve What will it take to sort this out? It's still lodging it's blade in my heart Silence hurts more than the worst sound Now it's too late to call Say I'm wrong and throw the first round I'm still [...]

Farewell To Shady Glade

You know that you were my collection, an addiction out of style. All these words you said to me, you know they mean so much. All these words you said to me, you know they mean so much to me. You were nothing but a style, I wish, I could believe that lie. You [...]

Fast Forward To 2012

We welcome you to the second chapter thanks for turning the other page We acknowledge you as the only reason for the progress that we've made You're a constant reminder we came, we saw, we conquered Everything has come so far From where we were before Well keep this short and sweet so I'll [...]

Fast Times At Clairemont High

I've been saving myself for you. I've been saving myself for you. I waited my whole life for you. I've been saving myself for you. Tonight we'll be throwing a party. Under the sunset we started to drink. A little faster now! This celebration so many faces. I say the words as the moon [...]

Feels Like Forever

Did you ever contemplate When all was lost you hesitate And nothing seems the same Have you ever hid your face In such disgrace, decisions made A picture with no frame Can you hold on one more day? Say you're okay I'm afraid that tomorrow Is just too far away Fight the pain It [...]

Fist Wrapped In Blood

(Come on!) Finish me off, follow the plan break all the bonds, sever the ties and now your mission is complete, find and destroy me. torturing me, with words from your lips filleting my skin, pulling my teeth please forgive me for not being good enough. Drown your sorrows in my pain (pain) and [...]


Crying out, are you there? 9-1-1 is in too late Send a sign, send a prayer Dying for a better day I won't make it through tomorrow If I don't make it through today My critical condition's holding me Blacked out, I think I've had enough Bright lights, waiting for Kingdom Come No time, [...]

Follow You

My head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost I need to feel something, cause I’m still so far from home Cross your heart and hope to die Promise me you’ll never leave my side Show me what I can’t see when the spark in your eyes is gone You’ve got [...]

Football Season Is Over

Why the fuck can I not hail a taxi? Arm out like a Nazi - every cunt's driving past Where the fuck is everyone? I can't see anyone. I can't see anything! The hardest part of today is a hangover Empty bottles and empty promises the hardest part of today is a hangover I [...]

For Stevie Wonders Eyes Only

It's 3:18, mouth tastes like the corpse of every pregnant teen, The minutes are hours, the hours are days, I feel infected by your presence, you speak in tongues, I smell the lies dancing on your blackened lungs, I whispered in her ear: Fear me dear, for I am Death, I'll take your hope, [...]

Forever And A Day

I thought we'd be, together forever But it seems I was wrong And everything's fallen apart Think, of what I've done for you Think of all that we've been through I hope every time he breaks your heart, You think of me, and how I was to you Everything's fallen apart Everything One day [...]

Forget Your Heart

Fight these eyes, They're drawing you, inside. Sign the name in marker, Watch the clouds as they got darker. Felt it start to slip away. All the schemes were made and plotted, All the rules have been forgotten now. I made it by the skin of my teeth again this time. I'm waiting, Still [...]

Forgive And Forget

I feel like a runaway Seeing the light of day For the first time, I'm drawing the line It's hard to care when you know it all In slow motion I watch you fall Like you're blind, thoughts poison the mind I always bend when it comes to you I think you'll change, but [...]

Friends In Fallriver

Let's go! Your life lives half a nation away, my heart hurts so. I believe letting you go was the biggest mistake of my life. What did I do? Alone and confused. What can I say? What can I do? I'm heading the wrong way home. Knowing alone is alone. It's just too difficult [...]

From Heads Unworthy

We are the children you reject and disregard These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut, Now tell me Love, Loss Like a bullets path Tear, Through The cavity of [...]


Let's fuck, til the sun comes up Because we haven't got long but we got enough A night to remember A day to forget (Don't stop till we pirouette) I'm not saint You're no martyr One more night playing heart piñata How do you say goodbye? How do you say goodbye, when you've hardly [...]

Generation Lost

Getting trampled under boots of progress Ignore the pleading of the nameless faces Now with (our back) against the wall How long till we fall? Do away with all the underprivileged Their demographic doesn't fit your image Turn your (blind eye) when duty calls How long till we fall? (In With The New) And [...]

Generation: Hate

You sit at home feeling so strong from behind that screen, but honestly do you think those words you're typing are gonna change anything? Could it be this is just an escape from all your insecurities? Could it be you're deepest secret is you wish that you were me? Tell me what is it [...]


(Gethsemane!) It was the perfect night then you had to go and ruin it with a kiss now I'm trapped inside here the innocence we held once so carelessly has been suffocated in this breathless moment [Chorus:] Believe in me and I will believe in you You're asking of me everything so I'll give [...]

Ghost In The Mirror

I am the air on your lungs and the blood in your veins. I am all the voices you hear, and i will never go away. The deafening sound you hear is coming straight from your mouth. Choke on your words your so shallow. Bite your lip! Bite your lip when you hear it. [...]


Bad habits are ghosts haunting me A thought that never leaves From when I wake until I sleep To seek heaven in my dreams Where I feel I can finally breathe Forget everything Away from my reality Because as long as I stay here I won't face my fears Right now I fear myself [...]


I'm never slowing down Until I'm right where I should be This is not the life I chose It was chosen for me It seems like everytime I turn my head Someones got something to say Well I... I am not listening As I move forward You can crawl behind me I've made it [...]

Give It All

Break through the undertow, your hands I can't seem to find, Pollution burns my tongue, cough words I can't speak so I Stop my struggling, then I float to the surface, Fill my lungs with air, then let it out I give it all, now there's a reason why I sing, So give it [...]

Giving Up

I used to make the light shine for you, The sun has left my sky. Velvet walls surround my sorrows, I've sacrificed my pride. Giving up on me, You're giving up on me Giving up on me, You're giving up on me. I've laid myself to sleep tonight I know you've played out everything [...]

Glass Hearts

Eeeh, fuck These are the hardest four years of my life They walk right by me Heads turned with closed eyes They don't even see me At night in my house I'm still all alone This is not a home They don't even see me The scars on my body They don't even bleed [...]

Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake

For the love of god, will you bite your tongue Before we make you swallow it It's moments like this where silence is golden And then you speak No one wants to hear you No one wants to see you So desperate and pathetic I'm begging you to spare me The pleasure of your [...]

Go Your Own Way

Loving you isn't the right thing to do How can I ever change things that I feel? If I could, maybe I'd give you my world How can I, when you won't take it from me? You can go your own way (go your own way) You can call it another lonely day You [...]

Good Intentions

Things I try don't work out Other people gripe and shout That's not positive I'm not perfect, I'm just Civ Trial and error...good intentions! Throw a beer at the stage That's how you behave Paid admission, had no fun You think I'm the stupid one Think again...good intentions! I'll just try my best...and you? [...]

Good Luck With Your Lives

I've looked you right in the face And I have told the worst lies I've put my arms around you And felt nothing at all I've stolen tasteless bread I've assaulted hundreds of cities, paint them red I've taken a thousand miles and I'll take a thousand more until you say "You can't bully [...]

Good Things

Hello, you don't seem like yourself. At least from what I knew you're somebody else. Oh no, it's so much harder to take Took me four years to realize you're a fake. But I won't lie. I'd forfeit all of the rest of my time to patch things up Just to take back what [...]


We celebrate the downfall with ticker tape parades Oblivious to the fucking mess left lying in the wake "God grant me the strength to let my children starve" He whispered to the dripping roof into the candled dark Contemplate contracts of gold Just wave your hand and relinquish control Nine lives await to unfold [...]

Great Awakening

Buried words Under lights Soundtrack to this stagnant life This meaning lost in translation Message sucked out of his hands again This could be my great awakening But how would I know Cuz it's all noise to me Are these words falling on deaf ears? Staring at the empty stares Realize that he no [...]

Greater Than 84

There's an open sky and an empty city Where the rain falls every night Upon precious flames we once found so pretty Our frail and only light Love is all that's left and I'm emotionless You won't read it in the papers In this time, keep your hands clean, just read my mind We're trapped [...]

Hairline Fracture

A sinking ship, an awkward kiss A chance to set things straight The kind of hurt that burns and burns Like fires we can't contain We hole up in a shelter made of bones and ice and there we'll wait So start again with steady hands This time nothing gets in our way But [...]

Halfway There

is this the point where we give up? now is this the point where we give in? now is this the point where we turn ourselves in? or is this the time to ask questions? or is this the time to seek answers? now is this the time to throw it all in? when [...]

Happy Song

S.P.I.R.I.T. Spirit, let's hear it S.P.I.R.I.T. Spirit, let's hear it Let's go! I’ve had enough There’s a voice in my head Says I'm better off dead But if I sing along a little fucking louder To a happy song, I’ll be alright You want to give up Gave it all that you got And [...]

Have Faith In Me

Have faith in me Cause there are things that I've seen I don't believe So cling to what you know and never let go You should know things aren't always what they seem I said I'd never let you go, and I never did I said I'd never let you fall and I always [...]

Head Like A Hole

god money i'll do anything for you. god money just tell me what you want me to. god money nail me up against the wall. god money don't want everything he wants it all. no you can't take it no you can't take it no you can't take that away from me no you can't [...]

Hear Me Out

When everyone has left me here, I'll make it on my own, Just wait and see. Maybe if you came back down, You'd see it happening to you, Maybe you'd even care. Hear me out, I don't think you'll make it out. Hear me out, See the writing on the wall. Burn your bridge [...]

Heart Stops

Oh, my pretty precious stone Just left me in ribbons With my heart sliced carefully You wear it like a cheerful bow There's a light that you now adore But the bringer is cast down I have never been before So unhappy in my whole life Heart stops beating, beat like a brutal day You [...]


For once my eyes are open to you, and everything you've said. For once your web of lies is in the open. I gave you everything I had, until I had nothing left. Now still you act as if I'm just a burden. I've finally let go. Let go, let go. Stay silent at [...]

Heaven Knows

the day I learn to fly, I'm never coming down on perfect wings I'll rise through the layers of the clouds and from there I see the neon grids of cities and six million people that keep their fires lit I threw a party in my name but the hours crawled by and no [...]

Heaven, Hell And Purgatory

I never know where I stand Which level I belong There’s history here, it dies with me, the show won’t go on I always find my way back Red to green and in between, my reputation feeds me I still remember my first time with Armor in Hell But somehow I planned my escape [...]

Hell Above

I cannot spend another night in this home. I close my eyes and take a breath real slow. The consequence is if I leave I'm alone... But what's the difference when you beg for love? As I run through glass in the street, kerosene hearts carry the name that my father gave me and [...]

Help Is On The Way

I have my mother's dreams, I have my father's eyes, You can't take that from me, Just go ahead and try. The crescent city sleeps, While giants in the sky, Preparing to unleash, Let loose a mighty cry. Can nobody save us? Will anyone try? The bayou is burning, The cypress is dying. And [...]


Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way. But now these days are gone, I'm not so self assured, Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the [...]

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Thirty hour drive from home. Think I'd feel so alone, that couldn't be less true. Family travelling by my side. Lifeline friends we can't deny. See the world with you. Here today, gone tomorrow. We're saying our goodbyes. Drive away from the past. Don't be sad, don't feel sorrow. The memories in our hearts, [...]

Here’s To The Past

Here's to the past Let's all think back on what brought us here This is my grasp on what is real Don't tell me how I feel With all that's passed I can't relate With myself from day to day why does everything seem so far away to me There's no turning back from [...]

Hero Of War

He said "Son, have you seen the world? Well, what would you say if I said that you could? Just carry this gun and you'll even get paid." I said "That sounds pretty good." Black leather boots Spit-shined so bright They cut off my hair but it looked alright We marched and we sang [...]

Hide Your Secrets

The saddest tone was a voice I heard from a silent film you wrote Loud and clear was a muted song only two people could hear So I'll go, living through these days acting like I've seen a ghost A ghost This place is mocking my passive demise These walls were safely hiding your [...]

Historia Calamitatum

Even though we know, yeah, We know. Our time has almost come We're all overdue. Can there be a place to call our own? Can there be a road that takes us home? We don't belong (we don't belong) We go along (we go along) We don't belong To you now. When it rains [...]

History Of Mercia

Gathered together, The feared men in the banquet-hall All were put on a bench assigned, All were strong until we sat them down, To call them out. A henchman Attended, with a cup in hand, Served the clear liquor to the forgotten men. And these words were sang to me, Heroes revealed, No glory [...]

Hold On Till May

She sits up high, surrounded by the sun. One million branches and she loves every one. Mom and dad, did you search for me? I've been up here so long I'm going crazy. And as the sun went down, we ended up on the ground. I heard the train shake the windows, you screamed [...]

Holdin’ It Down For The Underground

Been through a lot in the last year It's like everything I love is slipping away And every time I come home Some more of me isn't there I gotta get it together I need to do things for myself I've given everything But still you take more from me I need some room [...]

Home Sweet Hole

Cross my heart, I don't want to die. But heaven knows it seems like I try. Lost in a labyrinth for weeks on end. I live and I learn from my mistakes, then I forget them again. Got a feeling in my stomach that just won't quit. It's subtle as a shotgun. Heavy as [...]


Everything around me seems so much different than where I'm from And at this rate I think my fate's been sealed This life's so unpredictable We'll go continue to live a life that no one knows Where's this gonna go? Right here, right now This is the beginning of the end And I won't [...]


Sometimes I feel so wronged, like I've been held down. I feel my heart like a rock, it's sinking. These days can get so dark, like an eclipse in the sky But I can rise above, I can find the light. I can run, I can change all the answers Or what I hoped [...]

Hospital For Souls

And then I found out how hard it is to really change Even Hell can get comfy once you've settled in I just wanted the numb inside me to leave. No matter how fucked you get, it's always there when you come back down The funny thing is, all I ever wanted, I already [...]

I Am Free

Open road has endless ways to move along Hearts of gold can sometimes turn to stone I live my life with the best intentions, always meant this Oh, I keep my mind, never fenced in, always open ended I keep my mind always open ended I am free to be everything you're, everything you're [...]

I Am The Arsonist

Throwing up with the thought of you two, How could you do this? My best friend with my bride, Now you tell me you are leaving. They'll see your fire through the dark night sky I hope your home when I arrive. If there's a pyre in the afterlife, I'll be there again to [...]

I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here

Before you came what was your name? Did you look like me? No one's from here, no one my dear, not even the trees. So change your name, just keep your face. We're temporary anyway. Before you came we played this game in our masquerade. Flash, Flash, Car Crash we're no fixtures. Quick, now, Quick [...]

I Can’t Make Your Decisions For You

I've led a horse to water But he turned and ran as soon as I turned my back It seems as if the way here Wore worse on me than it did on him I feel like my words have only given way To brief intentions but no intent for action I've waited, I've [...]

I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious

Bury me in the bedroom where I, I can sing you to sleep all night. Put me next to the open window, promise me a second time. 'Cause I don't want to leave without you buried by my side. I'd rather kill the one responsible for falling stars at night, 'cause they fall all [...]

I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore

On pins and needles we are waiting for the fall We count the days scratching lines on the wall Wait in the wings at someone's beck and call No longer recognize the place that I call home No longer recognize this face as my own Somewhere this fate, I lost control We backed down, [...]

I Heard It’s The Softest Thing Ever

Tonight I'm sending you a message This is the end of an era The end of second chances In the face of defeat I'm winning Yet you still have so much left to say Oh, they're coming straight for me Oh, they're coming straight for me Read between the lines We can't give in [...]

I Hope You Suffer

I got two letters from you Last words of the runaway Your love was written so true And now I can't speak your name I faced destruction and you Just killed me and walked away I gave my heart to the cruel Now it will not beat again I hope you do, I hope you [...]

I Knew I Couldn’t Trust You

I knew I couldn't trust you back when we were kids. You sold me out; you ran and hid from all your problems. Can't even face your friends, your best friend. You're holding something in tonight and I can tell you're not alright. Your poker face concealing All the cards that you're not dealing. [...]

I Remember

I'd never wish any of this on anyone or anything. Aw come on, you gotta try and look at things like me. I never needed anything I got, I never keep anything I have, what do I have? Mostly things that'll never last. Then I think back... I remember when I first saw the [...]

I Surrender

You've got secrets, oh yeah, And I've got a weakness for them. No this ain't the time or place to show your face, Cause you know that I can't stand The need to get even. Tonight, When everything ya say won't come out right. So I'll try to save some face, and take my [...]

I Survive

Holding on with all I have inside For the sake of my life I'm pulled underwater Crying out I call For anyone to share this fight But I'm sinking farther So weathered, Worn and battered, I will stay Keep treading, As I'm dreading the waves My hands are tied But I will make it [...]

I Will Illuminate

Another place repeating the mantra I’m here to stay ashamed of where I’ve been And what I’ve seen These eagle eyes that judge me Another face conceiving the moment It never leaves it’s stakes, it’s claim on me It’s stakes, it’s claim on me A visionary in hiding I’ll never make it I’ll never [...]

I Will Not Reap Destruction

Mindless. This mindless flesh that devours, it keeps me bound at the bottom. And to live in this flesh will keep me bound by myself. Hollowed out your heart to live this way. Was it that hard to let love fade? Lashing out, yet reserved. The mindless are easily lured in pain and perverse. [...]

I’d Rather Die Than Be Famous

(Call the police! This whole place is gonna burn!) Come on Holly, put the gun down for me (Call the police! This whole place is gonna burn!) You love money and the sex in your veins (Call the police! This whole place is gonna burn!) They're trying to take it from us They're trying [...]

I’m A Monster

And I can't stress enough, How much this song is only about you You'd like that now won't you, So I'll keep it short. For every backstabbing lie and the whispers, I'll shove this down your throat You know there's no where to hide, No way out alive, I'll eat your heart, I'm a [...]

I’m Already Gone

As I look round this make shift moving house I'm searching for whatever's left of me It's on the ground in a box that reads lost and found. It's lost and found. She said, just let it go. She said, it's all you've ever known. And I'm, I'm already gone I'm already something to [...]

I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket

Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong Dry but the taste of blood remains Cold, empty mattresses and falling stars My, how they start to look the same So keep in happiness and torture me while I Tell you let's go in style A million hooks around a million ways to die [...]

I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?

Don't blink they won't even miss you at all, And don't think that I'll always be gone, You know I've got you like a puppet in the palm of my hand, Don't you let me down! So run like hell, Sleep with one eye open, I can't forgive or forget you We'll tell everyone [...]

Identity Disorder

Your heart is a fire But the cold is comforting My mouth is a liar With my silver tongue in cheek The silence is deafening My words cut deep The darkness is blinding Consuming me All I am is what I say So turn your back and walk away My words cut deep But [...]

If I Leave

Let's go! In the beginning I was up front Nothing to think about, you’d always hear me out We made a pact and never gave up When everything would change, we always stayed the same But something went wrong along the way You come around and there’s nothing left to say It's like we’re [...]

If It Means A Lot To You

And hey darling, I hope you're good tonight. And I know you don't feel right when I'm leaving. Yeah, I want it but no, I don't need it. Tell me something sweet to get me by, 'Cause I can't come back home till they're singing La, la la la, la la la, Till everyone [...]

If Looks Could Kill

Something's wrong and it's not me for once, and I know you'll call me crazy. but I hate the way you look straight through me. What have I done that's so wrong? Remember me, when I'm so far from your reach, when you'll know you had your chance. Take one more glance, and that's [...]

If You Could See Into My Soul

One, two, three, four! I hear you choking on your words again, the secrets in your throat. And I really wish you'd say what you're thinking. We've been down this road so many times before, my stomach cannot take it. I've been killing time, You've been crossing lines. You say: Get ready, get ready, [...]

In A Place Of Solace

A casket, opened up A family, can't reach in I may not have been What you wanted me to have been, for your first born Do they mourn my life or celebrate my death Do they celebrate my death This casket, close it up This casket, close it up No one speaks, no one [...]

In Florida

December ain't cold at all this year in Florida But I'm still chilled to the bone The mind plays tricks this time of year in Florida It's not the time to be alone I feel the less you love the less you feel alive I feel to understand it starts from the inside And [...]

In Memory Of

Fighting tears, trembling voice straight to my ear A moment I'll never forget Someone I love, telling me someone I love Had just been called to his reward 24, a leader, a father, adored We'll never be with him again Take me down to the garden behind the old house Sail away with me [...]

In Silent Seas We Drown

I'm running just like the wind, a moving current Feel it pushing faster, it's pushing faster I'm hiding you like a sin, a lonely liar See you taking after, you're taking after We have come so far against these odds Been on my back for way too long But now I realize it's not [...]

In The Dark

Tunnel your way in, it’ll spit you out I can hold it in it’s a godsend A heart like an hourglass on it’s end Does it matter if the love ever comes back? Does it matter if the sun ever comes back up? In the dark, in the dark When I close my eyes [...]


Do you spend your days counting the hours you're awake? And when night covers the sky you find yourself doing the same There's a burden you've been bearing in spite of all your prayers There's a light turned off inside your heart Can you remember what it's like to care? Knees are weak, hands [...]


The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide. I strive to speak what I have learned and learn from those I see. To step out of this life is my ambition. To speak out and show you what I have seen. I am one voice amidst the shouts of many. I cry [...]


Forgive all my sins I know I'll commit them I know what will happen When I trade reason for loss of control A call to arms With holes and scars With healthy minds we enlist into war You will see a shadow cast upon the light you know There will be an angel weeping [...]

It Never Ends

Started off with a one night stand, Lingered to a fling, The sirens and the sergeants Didn't seem to mean a thing. Hide your fangs all you want, You still need the blood. Tell us that it's different now, You're up to no good. Take my hand, show me the way, We are the [...]

It Was Mine

Don't move Don't do anything What we captured got away, slipped from us Don't speak, don't don't say anything, they've been recording all we say for years now. You won't see them right away but you'll hear them singing. Hold me closely now but don't, don't say anything. They've come to take me away and [...]

It Was Written In Blood

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye. My love, you're in my heart. It was preordained that we should part. And be reunited by and by, reunited by and by. Goodbye: no handshake to endure. No there's nothing. It was written in blood [x3] Oh god, written in blood. It was written in blood [x2] Oh my [...]

It’s Complicated

Here we go again, another night of being bummed. I'll keep to myself, avoid the sun, And cancel plans with everyone I know. Cause this is how it always ends: Our bond will break cause you can’t relate To anyone, to anything at all. You brought your worst and I’m right here. Now I've [...]

It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

Indiscriminate I'd rather be elite I'll choose my own shit scene Unsubstantiated rumors flown are true I'm here for me not you Nonconglumurate I mean what I say I'm not your fucking scape Goat apparently I've alienated some It seems my job's half done You'll never understand it Try to buy and brand it [...]

Je Me Souviens

Dear Mother can you hear my footsteps? I’m so close, I’m right there I’m almost home, so unprepared To notice yet ignore how hard it is to be around you I’ve came clean, I’m washed out I’ve flooded the engine, stranded myself This home, native land they speak in words I can’t understand So [...]


She's on the prowl. She wants it all and she'll stop at nothing! Everyone knows she's well aware of the fact that her self respect was long lost on her search for something. First in line to give it up to the guy at the bar buying two drinks at a time. One track [...]

John Deux Trois

I've said it once or twice, I'm coming down to show you the way to live with my hand. Inner me, I know you are killing me from inside. You can laugh, you can laugh but don't waste my time. You pessimistic, you cannibal. Don't believe me, cause I'm already dead. Don't believe me, [...]

Join The Club

I know I bend and I break all my promises But now it's time for the truth I keep my head in the clouds and I hope that I can't just be, invisible to you! Are you sick, are you tired, and you're feeling vain? Your lips are turning blue. I know you wish [...]

Join The Ranks

With your eyes glazed, and half-smile Explain to me the details of your God-given right You point your finger in my face, but You can't remember what you did last night It's all fun and games 'til You try to justify, It's all well and done 'til You question the choices in your life [...]

Just Keep Breathing

Am I still breathing? Am I still breathing? I've stumbled over every obstacle That has come before me But at least I made it past I've been fumbling over every word I wanted to write But I've but those insecurities in the past It's so much easier to leave my mistakes behind me If [...]


Burn me alive If you feel that's justified Burn me alive If you feel that's justified Burn me alive If you feel that's justified I need more than faith To see you on the other side, the other side Can you hear me? The lowly one Do ya fear me? You righteous ones Bow [...]

Kill Caustic

So, I'm feeling much worse now. You're better, you're better. Your designer drug won't work, won't work for me. Connect to a three volt. I hope your battery dies. How could you run on such, on such voltage? All the same, I remain the one to blame and I'm demonized, purified, justified as you let [...]

Kill The Lights

A perfect silence begging you to speak. An anchor driving down inside you holding down your feet. Kill the lights and just start it over, start it over, Again we'll fake it, we'll beg to make it. Forget everything we said and just start it over, start it over. A new spark lights inside [...]

King For A Day

Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge? I bet you never had a Friday night like this. Keep it up, keep it up, let's raise our hands. I take a look up in the sky and I see Red for the cancer, red for the wealthy. Red for the drink that's mixed [...]

Kiss And Control

Watch the stars turn you to nothing. Now blush and smile as they whisk you away. Part your lips a bit more, I'll swallow your fear. I will show you how all the bite marks impress a need to be here, a need to see city lights, like rain, dance and explode, fall upon debutants [...]

Kotov Syndrome

There, high on the watchtower Keeping the peace Whatever that means cause you see the world through Crosshairs and TVs, don't you? Ten foot walls built around us White picket death So quiet, so safe But if we fall there will be nothing and no one to catch So sit back and watch as [...]

La Marseillaise

Arise! The children of the fatherland. The day of glory as arrived. Against us tyranny. The bloody standard is raised. The bloody standard is raised. Do you hear in the countryside the roar of those ferocious soldiers? They're coming right into our arms to cut the throats of our sons and our women. In [...]


This night will fall like any other Daylight subsides and shadows crawl Out from under black corners Hiding something stirs All so restless Cracked windows open wide Dead-bolt turns. Doors creak open Whispers and moonlight there to guide Come raise your lantern to the sky Can we illuminate this night? We'll dance like heathens [...]

Last Chance Blueprint

(Jane, he's a freak) (But so am I) (And we'll always be freaks and we'll never be like other people) (And you'll never be a freak 'cause you're just ... too perfect) Late nights and bloodshot eyes, clock ticking half past five, we're barely breathing but we're still alive. Go! Our plans are all [...]

Last Days Of Summer

The bright light beams From her eyes Like broken glass. Or a broken heart, Who would have guessed? You'd leave me here. Beneath my eyes I feel the tears, I hold back. I won't leave, leave this way again. I won't leave this way. As my legs They start to shake, I feel nothing. [...]

Late On 6th

I hope you understand that I tried hard It slipped through my hands I know we can't go back I made mistakes, I lost track When I called your name, you didn't hear a sound I couldn't feel it then, but I need you now I didn't see the rain when it came down [...]

Leave All The Lights On

Guess things didn't go the way that you planned I missed the days when you would understand the way that I am. You have me feeling lonely and detached. Every time I'm moving forward we take two steps back. I need to have a moment to myself. County lines, clear my mind with someplace [...]


Chances to move mountains are few and far between, but only unseen by those who choose them to be. Live every day like it's your last chance to be heard and seen, because the good die young and the great change the course of history. Stop blending in and start speaking out! You'll never [...]

Let Live

I was all for you, you fell over my love, I just can't afford it this time. Here's a story, just bare with me, met a drug that changed my life. Something like a classic movie, just one look, all stopped with time. Let her in through these very veins, coursing through these tired [...]

Let These Words Last Forever

Let this love Carry on, carry on When we turn to dust Let these words last forever Make this life About something bigger than all of us All of us Let this love Let this love carry on I will not Hold the shame of my mistakes like a newborn child Pressed against my [...]

Life @ 11

When the curtain falls it rolls, unwraps, reminds me The person that I am. I'm still afraid, ashamed, of what's behind me, But you gave me the strength to stand. Sh-sh-sh-shake it off go get the things you want. I'll bottle the shame (bottle the shame). Just sh-sh-shake it off, and no one will [...]

Life Less Frightening

Suffering from something We're not sure of In a world There is no cure for These lives we live Test negative for happiness Flat line, no pulse, but eyes open Single file like soldiers on a mission If there's no war outside our heads Why are we losing? [Chorus: x2] I don't ask for [...]

Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Life lessons learned the hard way. Four people waited in a random white unmarked van. Parked outside your hotel high rise garage. To use a tire iron to break the bones inside your legs. Too bad you never came outside, that's all right, 'Cause in the end you'll get wrecked. Yeah, in the end, [...]

Like The Angel

They turn the lights down low, In shadows hiding from the world, Only coming out when it gets cold The seas part when they hit the floor, The voices carry on and out the door And everything you touch turns into gold Like the angel you are you laugh creating A lightness in my [...]

Liquor And Love Lost

I thought I saw your eyes, Laced in smoke & cigarette curls. I thought I saw your eyes But I'm seeing ghosts tonight. She haunts me! 'til my bitter end. She haunts me! I swear I heard your voice, overwhelmed by conversation. I swear I heard your voice but I'm hearing ghosts tonight! The [...]

Little Boxes

Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky-tacky, Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes, all the same. There's a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one They're all made out of ticky-tacky, And they all look just the same. And the people in houses [...]

Live To Kill

We live to kill each other We are the wealthy and the poor We shout but we don't listen All we want is more Shut the door You're letting the darkness out It's just about the time to watch you die Close the blinds We're hiding our skin from sun Where you become yesterday's [...]

Long Forgotten Sons

Far from home on a road unknown Where the vultures circle on winds that blow From northern skies that haunt these waking moments On shadows cast by the mountain range On calloused soles we find our way Through desperate eyes, we long for the horizon While this sun is rising We are the long [...]

Losing Sight

Wake me up, wake me up! I can't remember when enough was enough. I used to be so in love with this life I live before it was corrupt. Take me back to the me that wanted this more than anything, the me that said I would give up everything just to live one [...]

Love Like Winter

Warn your warmth to turn away. Here it's December every day (I like that). Press your lips to the sculptures and surely you'll stay (Love like winter) for of sugar and ice, I am made, I am made. It's in the blood, it's in the blood. I met my love before I was born. He [...]

Love With Caution

The river's running fast right now. It's the time of year the water cleanses itself. Running wild, but always in control. And now's the time to sever the ties. To habits that weaken, disguised by tradition. Drain away this fear, Until it disappears. Yeah! I'm not ready to swim, I'm not going to sink. [...]

Make It Stop (September’s Children)

Woah, woah. Bang bang go the coffin nails, Like a breath exhaled, Then gone forever. It seems like just yesterday, How did I miss the red flags raise? Think back to the days we laughed We braved these bitter storms together. Brought to his knees he cried, But on his feet he died. What [...]

Making Christmas

This time, this time Making Christmas Making Christmas Making Christmas, making Christmas Is so fine It's ours this time And won't the children be surprised It's ours this time Making Christmas Making Christmas Making Christmas Time to give them something fun They'll talk about for years to come Let's have a cheer from everyone [...]


She's cutting out the bruises Forgetting her excuses for being here again With a suitcase packed and waiting by the door In her head convinced herself she hasn't lost enough to quit But tonight she lays here thinking What if I just left In the middle of the night Back to California And never [...]

May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight

If you wanted to set me free, why the fuck wouldn't you say something? See I was just over 17. Made of poison, set me free. Oh no, please, don't abandon me... Mother, Father, I love you so. But this is just me disguised as me. I'm the killer who burned your home. This [...]


Could I Could I just find away I'd find you everyday and we could alter time but I've come to find everyone's gone away so this may be the time for the perfect crime. Yes, this is perfect. This is our medicine. This is our time to Medicate here with me now as we lose [...]


We'll keep calm and carry on, With good intentions. They'll prescribe the rights and wrongs, Until we're perfect. So maybe one day we'll be safe, In control and full of grace. Never making a mistake, So flawless. Cut us deeper to the core, We won't feel a thing. Imperfections we ignore, Embrace indifference. I [...]


So this is where it ends, the road we took together Turn another page, however and forever We only got one chance, the seconds are fading Under the moonlight, we're wishing the same thing I wanna remember, remember this moment Remember this moment, remember this moment Tonight, I'm thinking it's time To burn it [...]


Love like a needle full of methadone Prudent but not real, left you wanting more Lipstick track marks bleeding red Like Montagues and Capulets For us child the stars refuse to shine Oh well for us child do the stars refuse to shine? Somewhere strung out on the lam We wound up back here [...]

Midnight Hands

Like a new day rising Like a calm before the storm Like fog lifting from valleys On a sleeping forest floor Eyes open slowly as the dust is shaken off To gaze upon the wreckage That the midnight hands have wrought And now I I feel my temperature rising My body explode I feel [...]

Miles Away

I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife For what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied. She looks at me and says "really baby, I will be just fine," but then she looks away so I don't have to see her cry. And that is [...]


I am alive in everything I touch. I still survive in all the ones I’ve loved. Nothing dies, it lives in what we’ve done. I am alive in everything I’ve ever touched. A forest fire burns, I’m headed right for it. This California spark, it takes no prisoners. We go from light to dark, [...]

Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)

So what if I was just a painter, painting houses on the rich blue coast? (blue coast) Would you ever try to leave me for somebody who deserves you most? 'Cause darling I am just a painter. I'm painting houses for the rich old folks. (old folks) I'm gonna make a million dollars, 'cause [...]

Minor Threat

We're not the first, I hope we're not the last 'Cause I know we're all ready for that adult crash The time is so little, the time belongs to us Why is everybody in such a fucking rush? Take your time Try no to forget We never will We're just a minor threat We're [...]


Am I not understanding this now? This world I've held so close to my heart Is all against me now And it wears, and it breaks, And it brings me down, so low, down so low It wears me down, down to my bones Straight through my skin It wears me down, down to [...]

Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)

Love your hate, your faith lost You are now one of us Love your hate, your faith lost You are now one of us Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all Radiate, recognize one silent call As we all form one dark flame... Incinerate Nothing from nowhere, I'm no one at all Radiate, recognize [...]

Miss Murder

[Chorus:] Hey Miss Murder, can I Hey Miss Murder, can I Make beauty stay if I take my life? With just a look they shook And heavens bowed before him. Simply a look can break your heart. The stars that pierce the sky, He left them all behind. We’re left to wonder why He left [...]


It's Monday morning And I would kill for a chance to drive Get so far away from here with you my dear That I'll never leave your side Nobody knows the troubles I've seen In a van, on a soapbox for the world to see Miles away, and I wish this didn't mean so [...]

Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End

Wake up! Oh how the times have changed You're not the person I knew back then Let's get this straight This is a calling When will they stop falling for this? You lack all inspiration We're not the same I'll do whatever it takes To get it through to you We'll call this a [...]

My Consolation

You left me, Now you come back to me, Saying it's changed And we're not the same people we once were. And you beg to be back with me, I can't see anything but you. Every night, I see you there. Everyday, I hate you and everything we once were. You keep saying it's [...]

My Disaster

You crossed the line, you're running in circles now you've lost all self control! You medicate so you can fall asleep, your mind just won't shut down. I wonder where you are. I wonder if you've found your other self, or are you still somebody else? There's so much bottled up inside, and it's [...]

My Generation

(We are the youth, we are the future!) [x2] I only sleep to dream about the day We don't fall in line. And everyone hears what we have to say With no question why. As long as there is breath inside our lungs We should have a voice. But we've been pushed aside because [...]

My Heroine

The drugs begin to peak A smile of joy arrives in me But sedation changes to panic and nausea And breath starts to shorten And heartbeats pound softer You won't try to save me! You just want to hurt me and leave me desperate! You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I [...]

My Life For Hire

Somebody give me a sign, That everything's going as planned, And then everything falls away, Into the darkness of this shallow place. The detail is striking, The room's cold and frightening, You'll kick and you'll scream, You'll try everything to survive, But you should know your fate by now. They told me (they told [...]

My Life Inside Your Heart

Fighting back the impulse turn my head and close my eyes Spending these nights awake and cold and paralyzed Wonder how we got this far and never realized The common thread that binds our lives And I know you hurt But I can help you if you can... Take my hand And we'll live [...]

My Miserable Life

It’s been four years of silence, But there’s still so much left to say. This dirty lens remembers, I’ve tried to clean it and hide it away, But it won’t forget you. And if this picture tells the story of my miserable life, Would you burn it for me or hang it up for [...]

My Understandings

I don't mind it, I don't mind if you're overrated. Or if you're staring at the edge of the world. But keep in mind that I'm a sore eye, with blurry vision but I can see, yeah it has to be you love, that I've been dreaming of. And if we climb this high, [...]


What I hate about getting older Where's my naivety? Wonder when I'm gonna get taller Where's my naivety? Thinking back when we were younger All of the things we believed that we could do Don't wanna live by fear of failure Where's my naivety? Somehow lost along the way This is me, honestly I've [...]

Need To Be

With every letter I read, I see their desperate cries to find the missing piece. They just want to believe, someone can take away the burdens they carry. Who am I to be here? I am no different than them. We are the same you see? I wear my heart on my sleeve, For [...]

Negative Space

These walls, this house Wasn't the plan when I built it out We fell, from great heights Disgusted looks in my neighbors' eyes You reflect me in my negative space Please forgive me for the time you'll waste If you let me I'll give you a taste Everyone eventually lets you down Everyone eventually [...]

Nervous Breakdown

I'm about to have a nervous breakdown My head really hurts If I don't find a way out of here I'm gonna go berserk cause I'm crazy and I'm hurt Head on my shoulders It's going... Berserk! I hear the same old talk talk talk The same old lines Don't do me that today [...]

Neutron Cameras Vs. Smuggled Nuclear Bombs

I was abandoned last night without a way home Stuck in a desert with only you above me I'm sorry I turned my back, back on you so many times I'm standing right here asking you to accept my apology Not everyone we know has faith in you But we all know where they'll [...]

Never Giving Up

Even though I can see it in your face, I can't really explain Just how broken and empty and disgraced you seem to be You cut me out and dragged me down, pulled me all the way to the bottom. I've done for you till black and blue, what no one else would do [...]

Never Let Me Go

My body shivers at the thought of getting up. My heart is starting to accept that I am giving up With no strength left, is it over yet? Am I thinking with my heart or with my head? Through distance you remind me again Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go! [...]

NJ Legion Iced Tea

Get up, get out, This is your wake up call, We run this town and you can't fight us all, We keep 'em coming back for more, Don't think you can hold us down, We'll tear this building down, Try to be careful what you say Give it up, your tact is astounding, Find [...]

No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Back Of Toilet Doors

For people like you There is no such thing as an early grave You wanted to gut my dreams Till I was empty And show everyone my remains AND AFTER EVERYTHING YOU PUT ME THROUGH, I SHOULD'VE FUCKING PISSED ON YOU (thank you)

No Ordinary Love

Here I stand nothing more than a broken man Staring death in the face All my mistakes have got a hold on me again Here we go, another day another fork in the road I never know who to trust Will someone just tell me which way to go? I need a sign, I [...]

No Resurrection

I wanted to save you Give breath that escaped you But you stayed down (stayed down) To resuscitate you Breath my breath back into you You stayed out (stayed out) I wanted to shake you To scream to awaken you You stayed down (stayed out) In your slumber you saw everything Everything but me Why [...]

North Atlantic Vs North Carolina

Oh why do you try and pull me under? Trust me I am already dead I've been digging my own grave for far too long now, And I don't mind waking up without in my bed. Oh when the sun comes up you will realize that you were wrong, And when your lungs collapse [...]

Not Enough

I take a deep breath into my lungs, Let it out and move on. I take a step back, And look at all that I've done. Why does it feel like I'm right back where I started from? How can it be I need more when I've already won? Just when I think I've [...]


Fragile leaves hit the ground. The cold air drifts into my lungs. I see your face through the fog. Reminds me of the dreams you lost. I can see it in your eyes. You're broken down; your hands are tied. I can feel it in my side. Over and over and over I've tried. [...]

O.G. Loko

I'm coming in hot, I'm coming in fast! Take my time, It's so damn hard! I'll make this last, I'm the artist. Paints in white, Your skin canvas. I'll leave you scratching, gasping, screaming, screaming. . . I was lost until I found myself inside of you. My friend, my love, my life, my [...]

Obstructed View

To all you people standing proud Thinking you know what I’m about I think you can fuck yourself (Let's go) From your safe distance in this crowd That’s when your voice becomes so loud Still trying to keep us down (Whoa) Walk one mile in shoes I never asked to fill But still I [...]

Off The Heezay

Off the heezay, I've been taken from your arms So many times I've felt this before. The sheets are tangled And they don't feel right on my carcass. Like you do. This is my revenge! For every second sleep has stole I feel dead I feel dead inside. I feel dead I feel so [...]

Oh No

You don't have to lie, I know exactly where you've been Cause you're chewing off my ear while you're chewing on your chin No we're not on the level, you're just off your face It's not a state of mind though, your head's just in a state I may be on the outside but [...]


It's all been said, I'm a nightmare and I'm going crazy! You're going nowhere so I'm taking you with me, myself, and I, Is all I've got and I don't give a.. . What you say this time! You think you know about me? Well I think you're nothing! False words fall dead, I [...]

OK, I Feel Better Now

There is nothing to me. There is nothing though there was a time I had felt elation before all sensation died. I cannot breathe. I can't deny that I've been feigning, for you, every vital sign defied. This means nothing to me. This means nothing so spare me the lies. I deny you sympathy just [...]

On Brave Mountains We Conquer

My name is anything that I want it to be I'm striking chords in a way you've never seen But I'm a longshot, I fought the fight and lost I can take it, I won't make it now I've given everything, I've let you take over me I'm climbing mountains but drowning in the [...]

One Face

If the mirror were true? The reflections, they Wouldn't be you But a version of yourself Kept secret from Everybody else What they know of you is false An innocent dove You deceive them all I've seen how you wept When the door was closed I've see the war that is never told Open [...]

One Hundred Sleepless Nights

I can't wait to see your brilliant face Light up the room around the pillowcase She said, "can you come over to my LA place? I got something to tell you and it just can't wait." When I showed up, you held the door in tears, Sat on the couch under the chandelier. You [...]

One Last Dance

I shot this glance to you In a minute I’ll be gone But not because I didn’t want to No one wants to dance So I’m standing on my feet Nobody takes the chance To break the law to start the beat So I’m sitting this one out I’m planning on my own I’m [...]

One Way Ticket

Every moment we shared, I used to miss Every dream we get, I let it fade Feeling low for so long, I'm wearing thin Now I need this time to make a change Won't turn around, I need to feel the runway and turning wheels So elevate lifting me It's getting easier to breathe [...]

Out Of Time

I’ve never felt so sober I’ve never felt the low that I feel tonight Your words made everything drag on and on I finally found her, and when I did I just couldn’t make things right. Is this really happening? Oh God I think I just ruined my life What the fuck am I [...]

Over My Head (Cable Car)

I never knew I never knew that everything was falling through That everyone I knew was waiting on a >cue< To turn and run when all I needed was the truth But that's how it's got to be It's coming down to nothing more than apathy I'd rather run the other way than stay [...]

Paper Wings

One last thing I beg you please just before you go I've watched you fly on paper wings halfway around the world Until they burned up in the atmosphere and sent you spiraling down landing somewhere far from here with no one else around to catch you falling down and I'm looking at you [...]


Go! Expect the worst of everyone I meet Count the clock cause I can't fucking sleep Shooting pain like a heart attack Call my friends I might not make it back The doctor says I'm headed for destruction Something's gotta give I'm like a time bomb ticking in your head Paranoia clouding your judgement [...]

People Live Here

My God is better than yours And the walls of my house are so thick I hear nothing at all I followed you out in the storm But it carried you off And I burned every picture of yours Was that not enough? My gun is bigger than yours So let's arm the masses [...]


Somewhere along the line you must have missed the point, This is not about you. You twist the words of The Gospel to glorify yourself, But this is not about you! Take the spotlight off the things that you've done, And realize he did what you never could. He carries the weight that you [...]


So caught up in our own day-to-day, We see lives in need and look the other way. I'm not a pessimist, but I think it's safe to say this would be different if it was your family. We can't fathom not having a place to rest our heads. Can you imagine the pain of [...]

Pray For Plagues

PRAY!!! She starts her new diet, of liquor and dick, Just like Hollywood but laced in sick. The sun goes down and so does she. The sun goes down and so does she. Sold out the love that she had left with a cut of the throat. Drinks all round on her before she [...]

Prayer Of The Refugee

Warm yourself by the fire, son, And the morning will come soon. I’ll tell you stories of a better time, In a place that we once knew. Before we packed our bags And left all this behind us in the dust, We had a place that we could call home, And a life no [...]

Prelude 12/21

This is what I brought you, this you can keep This is what I brought, you may forget me I promise to depart, just promise one thing Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep This is what I brought you, this you can keep This is what I brought, you may forget me I [...]

Present, Future, And Past

Try to destroy me I am a soldier I am a riot I am the new age I am no liar I'm an idea I am steadfast I am present, future, and past Like a forest burning, time is running out And the tides keep turning, I am here I am now Like a [...]

Product Of A Murderer

It consumes me, controls me, leaves me with nothing, but you know that I love how it taste! Fear and the fate, I'll change face to get what I crave. Fill my veins! This gets me by. (You know it feels good, you know it feels so good!) The drugs that keep me high. [...]

Props & Mayhem

Self-medicate. While they sleep we let the night chase evil things away, and we're like animals, homesick from shows. We gotta kill everything before the night gets wasted. Maybe it seems so strange, but we don't even stress at all. 'Cause we've got poison in our well. Come at me with everything you've got. [...]

Prove Me Right

We put our lives in the hands of the ones that claimed they truly cared. Come to find it's all just a lie and when we needed them no one was there. I swear I'm not bitter. I just see them for what they are; Money hungry cowards sucking the blood out of artists [...]

Public Service Announcement

You all have something to say Or something to ask I don't live in a cage It's none of your... You all have something to say Or something to ask I don't live in a cage It's none of your business It's none of your business Gonna say this clear So you can get [...]


All night, I dream of water that can wash the weight of the world from my shoulders. All night, I dream of water that can wash the weight of the world from my shoulders. Hands of the new one, we need you so, to make way for the new born, to be king again. [...]

Quantity Is Their Quality

I do not know the American Gentlemen. God forgive me for putting such words together. Undone you're no different than all the rest, a life full of greed with no heart in your chest. Full to your throats you cry out STARVATION! Oh what a joke and waste of creation. You are the only [...]

Quit Your Job

Quit your job Screw you around Screw you around They screwed you around Screwed you around Whatever you do Don't start a band Don't start a band Don't start a band Don't start a band

Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37

What once did exist, Now is meaningless. And doesn't it seem funny, How soon you did forget All the words that have lost their weight But I remember, I remember Desperation. Devastation. All I truly know (All that I know) Is isolation. Self-damnation. All light that I'd owned Unshared and worthless now What I knew [...]

Rain Will Fall

It was just another day Cars were driving by and people lined the streets We were walking side by side But there was something on my mind And I couldn't bear to walk another step with this inside The rain will fall and wash it all away Our fears will call There's some things [...]


Yeah, Rawwwwrr, Take it back, what you stole from me, Take it back, what you stole from me, baby, Take it back, what you stole from me, Take it back, what you stole from me, baby, Take it back, what you stole..., Take it back, what you stole from me, Wash away these memories, [...]

Re-Education (Through Labor)

To the sound of a heartbeat pounding away To the rhythm of the awful rusted machines We toss and turn but don't sleep Each breath we take makes us thieves Like causes without rebels Just talk but promise nothing else We crawl on our knees for you Under a sky no longer blue We [...]

Ready To Fall

Hold on slow down again from the top now and tell me everything I know I've been gone for what seems like forever But I'm here now waiting To convince you that I'm not a ghost or a stranger But closer than you think She said, "just go on to what you Pretend is [...]


I have come undone Desperate and out of touch Fall when I should run Am I worth a reassemble? I have come undone This illness is my crutch Call out to anyone Am I worth a reassemble? I toss, turn beneath the waves A silent victim of the depths Cast aside I'm scrambling to [...]

Reception Fades

[Spoken:] (It is, in the end, whatever the Hell I want it to be, And when I'm through with it, it's gonna blow a hole, This wide, straight through the worlds own idea of itself. They're throwing bottles at your house. Come on, lets go break their arms.) You talk about the way things [...]


Pull me up Pull me out of this mess I didn't mean the things I said Take my word Take my word and trust I didn't mean the things I said But once they moved past my lips, it was done If only they will be forgotten But once they moved past my lips, [...]

Red In Tooth & Claw

It always ends the same. I gave you all my heart just to watch it get thrown away, thrown away! It takes a toll on my soul because I'm starting to believe that love's just a game we play. Is it all just a game? One day I'll heal but I'll be covered in [...]

Red Light Pledge

The ending's the same Past mistakes that you made Come back to haunt you, you I made a mistake, I wish I could take Back everything that I did I wanted to tell you, I really did But how do I explain this? Promise me you will be there Until the red light will [...]


Regenerate, regenerate this life! We've returned to reclaim On this unstable ground we're laying faces down In a world that’s sinking Our faith is put in the stars not in each other’s hearts In this world that’s sinking Stop living for yourself You're just living in your own Hell To bring this back to [...]

Remains of Summer Memories

all these days I'll forever cherish in the confines of my heart the faces of ten years ago like fingerprints on my heart how can I breathe when fear chokes my every breath? how can I balance six inches from death? now, the momentum we've created comes to a screeching halt this angel comes [...]

Repeating Apologies

I hope you know, I swear, I've never done this before, And I care, I'm so sorry. Scarred you for life. Please come back to me, down on my knees. Repeating apologies. Why do I deny the heart that's grown colder. Too quick to criticize the lullaby. Why do I deny the heart that's [...]

Replace You

I'm the setting sun behind the trees, the saddest one you've seen. I've been burning holes and breaking dreams, and I regret it. I'm fixing things I've broken, it's not as easy as it used to be. I'm throwing temper tantrums. I used to settle, but now I make a scene. You can't believe... [...]


Lie awake, keep your cold eyes closed Feel it crawl upon your chest Bear it's teeth and steal your breath Stay awake as its creeping close If you're brave enough you'll see As it stares it looks a lot like me It looks like me Though there's no way I will materialize Let the ghost [...]

Right Back At It Again

We're coming out swinging! Started out in the spring of 2003. Never went to school, nobody talked to me. Except to tell me all the things I couldn't do. Don't want to hear about it. Got with my guys packed into all our cars. Hit all the nearest scenes and every local bar Played [...]

Right Where You Want Me To Be

This is the first time in a long time That I’ve felt like coming home for the holidays. Everybody’s rushing about Why won’t anybody hear me out? My money’s low So instead I’ll write you a song everyone will know Everyone will know So here it goes Can you hear me? I write so [...]

Roads That Don’t End And Views That Never Cease

You are so far away, And it strains on me to hear your voice everyday. You never know what you have until you're gone, So when it's over and I'm on my way back home, It feels like days before I'm next to you again. This is how we love. You're so far away, [...]


Tell me what I'm supposed to do, With all these left over feelings of you; 'Cause I don't know And tell me how I'm supposed to feel, When all these nightmares become real; 'Cause I don't know And I don't think you see the places inside me that I find you, And I don't [...]

Rodeo Clown

Did you know that I kept it for a year. All these times I figured you'd be here. HEY! The last time I saw you, I tried to move right through the crowd. And I was calling your name, but the band played too loud. The last time I saw you, I tried to [...]

Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

So please don't ask me how I ended up at my wits end And breaking down Pages torn from books we never read, Cause we're plugged into this grid. Don't pull this plug right now, Or then we'd really have to live. When I die, will they remember not What I did, but what [...]


My heart's a hieroglyph, it talks in tongues Ten thousand voices fill my broken lungs But through the white wave, I still hear it call So take a deep breath, let's disappear No one will listen so why are we still here And in the black hole you will see it Cause this is [...]


It's so familiar to me; A gun in your hand, a hole in my chest, and now you strike a match and inhale. It's now to the point where it's all so routine, The anchor's up, your ship has been sailed. Close your eyes to fight the demons deep within your mind. Satisfy your [...]


I'm never gonna understand this. I'm never gonna let it be. I just can't understand this aged plan. It's obsolete. How could you recognize and cherish hysteric fairy tales. They've come to life. Now sit by and listen... the whole world wails. I feel as though I've been abducted, or maybe I am just misplaced, [...]

Same About You

I just felt a wave, an emotion And right then I knew that everything had changed A whole side of you that went missing's gone And all I'd thought of you is wrong Gotta step away for perspective Need to take a chance to clear my head Don't wanna understand your position Oughta wash [...]

Same Book But Never The Same Page

I lost a part of me Cause I am just an open book for everyone to see. I always leave empty handed. I can’t keep the things that mean the most to me. I’m walking steady on a tightrope clinging only to the words that I wrote. I might be temporarily blind but I’m [...]


You can't feel the heat until you hold your hand over the flame You have to cross the line just to remember where it lays You won't know your worth now, son, until you take a hit And you won't find the beat until you lose yourself in it That's why we won't back [...]


It kills me not to know this but I've all but just forgotten What the color of her eyes were and her scars or how she got them As the telling signs of age rain down a single tear is dropping Through the valleys of an aging face that this world has forgotten There [...]

Savior Of The Week

What's the addiction here? Your taste for the insincere, Disposable high and you keep wanting more The world at your fingertips, but you can't get enough of it Disposable high that you just can't ignore. And I'm thinking that you're always gonna chase And that you're never gonna change And it leaves me wondering... [...]

Scenes From Parisian Life

The sun comes up a little later So you can drink a little longer I wish I had a dream last night I wish I had a dream last night So half the time you'd be here I wish you were here I'm on your vine now, so high, I can see Italy

Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always

I always knew I’d never reach perfection, and if I ever did then I wasn’t trying hard enough. Because there is always something more to reach for. And every end is just the start to something else. I think that if we ever stopped seeking out what it is that keeps us growing, then [...]

Second and Sebring

I believe it's time for me to be famous And out of place. I believe it's time for me to move for forward When I break through. When I break through. When I break through. When I break through. This time I'll make you Proud to see me over come on day light. Proud [...]

See Ya Bill

1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 One thing that you gotta do Is write your name on all your food NO! NAME! FAIR! GAME! I say "See Ya" Bill

Seen It All Before

Every second soaked in sadness Every weekend is a war And I'm drowning in the déjà vu We've seen it all before I don't wanna do this by myself I don't wanna live like a broken record I've heard these lines a thousand times And I've seen it all before Are we close enough? [...]

Seven Thousand Miles For What?

CHEA! Since when did you become so cold, and such a life-less piece of work? I can't take the sound of you anymore, or the thought of you. Don't worry, Take what you need, I left you and your dying breed. But before we forget, When the lights burn out, Don't come home crying [...]

Shadow Moses

Can you tell from the look in our eyes (We're going nowhere) We live our lives like we're ready to die (We're going nowhere) Can you tell from the look in our eyes (We're going nowhere) We live our lives like we're ready to die (We're going nowhere) I thought I buried you and [...]


i am just everyone i've ever met and the reason why wars are fought. i am why blood is shed. the cause of soldier's deaths. i've sent my envy over seas. to dark alleys and abandoned streets. to seep through to unprotected eyes. to harden hearts. to make them cold. we've sculpted ourselves into [...]

She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

If you call me at all Don't tell me that I'm ordinary Cause I won't be passing you, please don't leave And if you tell me you're listening to everything you read Turn off this light, call my name Don't talk, just ride Who wouldn't let you be all about, About me I'm only [...]

She Sings In The Morning

Wake up! A voice hits the air on a lonely coast And I'll sing along like a prayer for you I can dream up the words (I'll never see your face again) If we wake at, if we wake at all She sings to me If we wake at, if we wake at all [...]

Short Songs

I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! Yeah, I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I like short songs! I [...]

Show ’em The Ropes

Just hold your breath, To make sure you won't wake up again. Cause you ruined my 04, That's the best that I could hope for, To watch you fall apart from the inside. We're gonna spread it to the world To the world About how you lied. How you lied A free lesson on [...]

Sick As Your Secrets

You're only sick as your secrets, How many times did you disappear? You're only good as your word, How much longer can I believe? I've buried bodies myself, A hundred graves, a hundred ghosts I see myself in you, How much longer, How much longer can I believe? You paint a picture in my [...]

Sight Unseen

Sight unseen, the road stretched out before me. Suffocate - the water rising slowly. Step in time, agree to share this pain. Live or die now, but still we suffer just the same! I took my share and then told her, "I don't want more" We spend our lives, then ask you, what was [...]

Silver and Cold

I... I came here by day, but I left here in darkness And found you, found you on the way And now, it is silver and silent, it is silver and cold You, in somber resplendence, I hold Your sins into me Oh, my beautiful one Your sins into me As a rapturous voice escapes, [...]

Sin & Redemption

We kill time with sleep and heal the heartache of thousands, at the cost of ruining ourselves Take it for granted. We hone skills of cons and steal the same hearts and bodies. On our knees we're begging to be by ourselves, but only in our heads. Only in our heads. You're laying down [...]

Since U Been Gone

Here's the thing we started out friends It was cool but it was all pretend Yeah yeah Since U Been Gone You dedicated you took the time Wasn't long till I called you mine Yeah Yeah Since U Been Gone And all you'd ever hear me say Is how I pictured me with you [...]

Six Ways ‘Til Sunday

The years unfold in one moment The voices that we heard so loud Are now suddenly silenced Inside this crowd And you're surrounded by the lives Of those who found something to hold So bringing everybody down Is all you know You've been hiding so long You can't find yourself In this sheltered life [...]

Sleep Around

Start with the best intent you've earned it. Promise was made not kept you've burned it. Sleep around, you sleep around. He's driving around his stomach churning. Peering in bedroom windows searching. Sleep around, you sleep around with me. A lie and excuse will make no difference. And the shades don't ever make it [...]

Sleep With One Eye Open

Fuck you, You took what you wanted and left, like locusts. Everything I gave to you, everything that we've been through You bled me dry and then left, like leeches. Go, you got what you could now leave, like vultures Ripped apart in minutes what was built in seven years The ink scarred on [...]

Sleepless Nights

I stare deep down into the eyes of my nightmares As they come to life (As they come to life) I feel my heart beat right out of my chest And I think I might be losing the fight I might be losing it I live inside my poisoned mind It leaves me paralyzed [...]


The city hides the secrets of the liars in the streets The phone calls and assurances all for nothing (but looking good) Every time the truth comes out its pushed away and pushed aside But I won't stand and watch it all It all go unsaid How many times will I fall victim to [...]


My secrets are burning a hole Through my heart and my bones catch a fever When it cuts you up this deep It's hard to find a way to breathe Your eyes are swallowing me Mirrors start to whisper Shadows start to sing My skin's smothering me Help me find a way to breathe [...]


Mom and dad went to a show They dropped me off at grandpa Joe's I kicked and screamed, said, "Please, don't go" Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home Grandma take me home [...]

Smashed Into Pieces

Never again I'll slit my throat with the knife I pulled out of my spine Maybe when you find out that I'm dead You'll realize what you did to me And if my lungs still let me breathe Would you be there for me? If I can make myself believe I'll give you back [...]

Smile In Your Sleep

When I'm lying in your bed Play the motions through my head You know that I'm thinking, I'm thinking... And I have reasons to believe that I'm not the only one you spend this time with, but I'll stay... You say, you're weak, You won't let me down, You won't let me down. You [...]

Something To Hide

I can't believe what you tell me So I just look away When you realize you fail me Lying right through your teeth Anything I see in you Everything I thought I knew goes away With every word you say, you betray me Can you see the other side of things? Can we be [...]

Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up

trying to make a difference but where the fuck did you go wrong? lying to all the names and faces that have been there all along how can you ask me to just forget? all the sick lines and the words you said how can you ask me to just forget? deny the promises [...]

Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail

You wanna take, take, take, take, take it away from me. Take it away from me. You can't wait, wait, wait, wait, wait till I'm stumbling. Go get carried away. Go! And the fears sets in, in an instant. Too much of myself gets exposed. This is where I go at my weakest, When [...]


And I can't protect this anymore. I can't reflect this light, that you shine on me. So I'm giving up, not giving in. I'm selling out, not selling in. Judge me for what I've done not who I am. So take your shot now, so take your swing. Start a fight because you know [...]

Sound Of The Sun

You've cast these scars across my face You can't bring me down. You think I'll never be the same. Go! And I don't know what's wrong with me, I wanted to be all the things you need, All the things you need. And now I'm standing here alone, I'm waiting for it all to [...]

Sound The Alarm

I'm your alpha and omega, I am invincible. [x6] [From the movie "Shaun Of The Dead":] Can I just say one more thing? I'm not gonna say ya know, there's plenty more fish in the sea I'm not gonna say if you love her let her go And I'm not gonna bombard you with [...]

Southern Constellations

Please keep chasing me, you Southern constellations got me so dizzy. It's cold but you pretend that you are warm with me. Before I get you home you're nearly frozen, but I'll never let you freeze without me. Oh, no.

Space Enough To Grow

What do you see when you close your eyes? How do you feel when you see it? Who is to say that it isn't real? And why can't we lie to believe it, To believe in something? Look into the emptiness and step into the cold, Right between your body and your soul. Deep [...]

Speak Now, I’m Listening

Persevere persevere It's time to test the limits of your heart Make it clear this is not A test of the system they want you to believe Understanding the paths that we take Relay's signals from our nerves to our brain Don't get lost in the upside down ways This world has a heavy [...]

Speak Of The Devil

This is my vengeance for all the wrongs you've formed against us You always get me wrong My whole existence revolves around the progress that we've made I'll never be walked on again I'm on the edge of the rooftop Thinking nobody will ever know I hope that you'd want to be the one [...]


It's a mystery, too good to be true. I find my purpose when I look at you. I bleed transparent. It's not the way I choose, But it's only when I'm vulnerable my true colors shine through. For a moment, I'm a poet without words, Speechless because you love me at my worst. I [...]

Stained Glass And Marble

come warm your hands on hellfire and brimstone empty the pockets of the innocent victim bound by fear we misplace trust in your voice inside these walls convincing us we have no choice gaze upon these stare of naivete two thousand years replaced with eighteen inches of our faith bound by fear we misplace [...]

Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears

I changed your mind And ended up here. Through stained glass eyes And colorful tears Fine... Maybe I'll pretend right now But I swear to God I'm gonna change the world And I promise you Someday we'll tell ourselves "Oh my God, this is paradise" I cherish my American girl She holds them down [...]

Stand Amid The Roar

A side of temperance An appetite for excess I’m burning out like your cigarette You! (You had me cornered) You had me at goodbye (I lived to watch you) I loved to see you slip away (I enjoyed captivity) Staring at a car crash We kill at weddings and live for funerals We’re taking [...]

Start The Shooting

Hey boys, look where we are This town ain't big enough for the both of us So get ready to run This all goes to show just how little you really know About the way that we are I notice everything Like every single rumor That you spread today You're never gonna change Let's [...]

State Of The Union

If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity We're taking on water and about to fuckin' sink No one seems to notice, no one even blinks The crew all left the passengers to die under the sea [Chorus] Countdown, to the very end, Equality, an invitation that we wont extend Ready aim, pull the [...]

Stay Away From My Friends

Waking up your neighbors downstairs, I've been inside your bedroom a thousand years. And as you tie me to the bed for good I say that I want you in the most unromantic way. Louisiana, you're torturing me with a beautiful face. Ana come on, I thought we had a damn good thing. A [...]

Stay Inspired

Why do we love only when it's convenient to us? Why do we love only when it's convenient to us? It is because we don't want to let go Of the security that a close heart holds? Or is it the risk of being broken? Too unbearable to even let the thought surface There [...]

Stay The Course

I am not a product of mistake, I've got a purpose and I'm living it out This life of mine is no coincidence I've seen the world and I will never bow down So bring your temptation to the table, but I'm not giving in (Never giving in) Tell me I'm wrong because I'm [...]

Sticks & Bricks

I am fueled by all forms of failure. I paid the price, so I'll take what's mine. I bet you didn't see that one coming Cause I do as I please, apologize for nothing. My time is flying but I'm still second to none. Always shining the brightest when I'm placed under the gun [...]

Still Dreaming

2 a.m., I lie down deep in slumber. Feelings are falling downward. I want to forget. Waking up, I hear the way your voice sounds. My heart starts to pound, now... To the rhythm of yours. You're so angelic. Your words so symphonic. Touch your lips to my soul, eat this sorrow away. How [...]

Still YDG’N

You play these games, baby honestly? It's such a shame, you think you control me. Control my life, and everything around, I've got my feet on solid ground. I'm gonna push you away, with every word that you say. I'm gonna push you away, away… I've let you win too many times. If I [...]

Sudden Life

Floating in the clouds, giving up the fight A voice is calling out, I'm walking into the light We used to race a thousand miles a day so fast Feet they barely even touched the ground We used to fly to places out beyond our own little world The fury and the sun A [...]

Suicide Season

We stare at broken clocks, the hands don't turn anymore The days turn into nights, empty hearts and empty places The day you lost him, I slowly lost you too For when he died, he took a part of you No time for farewells, no chances for goodbyes No explanations, no fucking reasons why [...]

Summer Shudder

Listen when I say, when I say it’s real. Real life goes undefined, why must you be so missable? Everything you take makes me more unreal. Real lines are undefined, how can this be so miserable? Under the summer rain I burnt away Under the summer rain (burn!) you turned away Listen, I can't make, [...]

Summer’s Stellar Gaze

As time passes us by and hurries us with pride, we'll have the past for the rest of our lives. Don't lose touch with reality, compensate for life's stupidity. I wait for it. You know that it's true. You cannot lose. A summer can't be forgotten Summer's Stellar Gaze from the words that you [...]


Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge To spend your waking moments, simply killing time Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, to give up on your... Life for you, (who we are) has been less than kind So take a number, (who [...]

Survivor Guilt

("What are you talking about? America is not going to be destroyed." "Never? Rome was destroyed, Greece was destroyed, Persia was destroyed, Spain was destroyed. All great countries are destroyed. Why not yours? How much longer do you really think your own country will last? Forever?") Block the entrances Close the doors Seal the [...]

Swing Life Away

Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up? Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck? Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost? I'll show you mine if you show me yours first Let's compare scars, I'll tell you whose is worse Let's unwrite these [...]

Tangled In The Great Escape

Well don't you say that I had a part of it. Guess we'll never know. Or would you say that I had a part of it? Well, I guess we'll never know. Constant recovery. I see you choke and it takes my breath away. But all is good, we close our eyes. They all [...]

Tear It Down

I'll tear it down I'll tear it down You flew way too high Way too close to the sun Feel the power that you're falling from above Another tale of failed ambition Greed and wealth feeding your addiction What's it like to wear a crown of dirt Selling all those lies with a stupid [...]

Tell Me Now

Stuck at a fork in the road, Which way should I go? One path leads me home, The other leaves me alone The impact of one choice is so endless Can't even think of how it plays out in time Through all the years, it's still there Won't disappear The impact of one choice [...]

Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick

I've been away for every day and every fucking night. I've seen your eyes, I've seen your eyes, I've seen your eyes. I've been away for every day and every fucking night. And with every city, it gets harder. You've got a mouth like a razor-blade. It cuts so deep. So kiss my wrists, [...]

Texas Mickey

Single file you fall into another empty bottle. Growing larger, trapped inside, and now you cannot swallow all your pride. You’ll fall asleep alone tonight with one day less until you die. until you die! One more time you’ll confirm all our suspicions while you close your eyes and lie. You and I will [...]

The Abandoned

Staring at the wall, I never thought this would be so hard. How could have I been so close and never known you? I never knew, I never knew you at all! You will always be my father but I hope you know, It's your fault and I'll never know what that means. You [...]

The Answer

I hit the bottom of my lowest lows. My darkest hours are the times I grow, And every time I am broken I know that it's only so I can be restored. I never would have found my way, If I didn't realize I was lost in the first place. Amazing grace how sweet [...]

The Approaching Curve

[Spoken:] The music played with a calming frequency. The speakers gently seeped the sound of ambient keyboards and light percussion, creating a seductive soundtrack to our midnight drive through curtains of blackness. The windows were cold to the touch, reflecting the icy conditions in our immediate extremity. Salt stains and fingerprints littered the glass, [...]

The Art Of Losing

I'm not fucking blind to the way That you talk around the truth Not just what you say But what you do Played this tug of war way too fucking long Like every time Again I've lost You've won You took advantage of the trust that I gave (I gave!) Took my forgiveness Rubbed [...]

The Artist

(You! You!) The artist's palette falls, The paint is spilled with blood. Someone shot him down, Left him without his soul. His body's laid to rest and underground he'll stay, With hopes to resurrect and live again another day. Now they decide who lives and dies. Now! His peers won't come around, They're too [...]

The Balcony Scene

Don't react when I tell you... And don't react when I tell you... That bright lights mean nothing to you 'Cause no one would know the sound of a ghost And I might be something to you Beyond beautiful is the sound of a ghost Can we lose our minds And call it love [...]

The Ballad Of Tommy Clayton & The Rawdawg Millionaire

We'll bring you to your knees, You can not see something you can not please. I met a girl with predictable ways. Open doors, yeah she's here to stay. Come clean, just open your mind. Shut those legs girl it's closing time. Oh faithful, I'm amazed to find you look that way. Oh faithful, [...]

The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink

Said that I'd meet you At the Oakville Arena 3 AM when no one will be found All I got in mind Is a Boone's Farm jug of wine Smash a bottle in the parking lot But considering our luck We'll get busted by the cops Instead of sex, we'll go to jail Another [...]

The Black Market

A currency of heartache and sorrow The air we breathe is stale with mold To shadows we are slaves digging deeper every day But emptiness is growing so old Headlamps light the tunnels we wander They shimmer and they dance on the walls We're lost inside these caves as the chances of escape Grow [...]

The Boy Who Could Fly

Freeze! It's time to take you home, it feels so early but I promised I would bring you to your door. Now our lips are numb! As we walk, sharing warm alcohol That kiss tastes like summer. I hope you like the stars I stole for you, One hundred million twinkle lights in neon [...]

The Cheap Bouquet

Stay young and at the top of our lungs Our hands are free Our lives have just begun It's getting dark, we should go back But what's the use if what you love is what you have? And I could die right now For something beautiful to take me somewhere else Oh, I try [...]

The Comedown

Here I am once again Just like a pack of wolves. The skies were once paved with gold Now they rain on us all. I've made my bed so I'll lie in it. I've dug my grave so I'll die in it. Tell all my friends I said goodbye Clenched teeth and fluttering (eyes) [...]

The Commanded

I felt the ground start to shake. Oh God, oh God, Everything's up in flames. I prayed that it would have ended Just as fast, just as fast as it came. All I could hear was: "March on, march on. Quick on your feet, March on, march on. March on, march on. Whether you [...]

The Conductor

Drop like the needle Today I felt it drain (felt it drain) I'll climb back up to you On ladders of the rain (of the rain) Break them down, shake their frail beliefs I'll show them, show them a believer Three hundred thousand amps And I'm your warm receiver When they kill the lights You'll [...]

The Continual Condition

A city drenching me in sin Atop these buildings we’re both sinking As we swim in our continual condition You found a way inside my head and left me hanging by a thread. Gutted out, replaying every line you said and thinking Why can’t I just forget it and why can’t I live without [...]

The Danger In Starting A Fire

So now you'll know exactly what it feels like to be an obstacle in my way You won't remain You won't remain Save your breath don't even speak if you'll speak of change Cause you won't, you won't Cut to the chase, spare your lecture on what it takes to make a man Cause [...]

The Deceived

Maybe one day you'll see what you did to me, But until then, I need you to know you make me sick! I know that you think that you're changing, I know that you think you're perfect. But your yesterday is a joke And everyone's heard it all before! You'll never give me what [...]

The Depths

Get up! And here we go... Now listen up I'll say a thing or two I bet I know something about you That you don't even know You don't wanna believe I know you're down for anything That's not what you're looking for There's not a reason to walk out that door And I [...]

The Dirt Whispered

She got down on hands and knees, One ear against the ground, Holding her breath to hear something, But the dirt made not a sound tonight Echoes of songs still lurk on distant foreign shores, Where we danced just to please the gods that only ask for more, So it goes But still we [...]

The Document Speaks For Itself

You're all about you, and it's my fast track to an early grave. Just need to see this through Do you even sleep at night? Where does your conscience run to hide? I gotta get out, I gotta get out. Why can't you just do what's right by me? I gotta get out, I [...]

The Downfall Of Us All

LET'S GO! It's not easy making a name for yourself Where do you draw the line? I never thought I'd be in this far Let's have some fun and never change not for anyone Try not to miss me when I'm gone (Whoa uh oh, whoa uh oh) I sold my soul to the [...]

The Eco-Terrorist In Me

Spray paint the cameras, jam the frequency What you kill just comes alive in me Hoods and bandanas make not an enemy You can’t define us anyway you please You make the rules, we make the calls My conscience clean, my sins absolved Because I found God (hey!) In the sound of your factories [...]

The Embrace

Watching it crumble Might have eased the hurt Feeling it disappear Only made worse Pulling it piece by piece Slicing up ribbons could dismiss To slowly disintegrate Could have been the perfect gift May you feel this, while you sleep Push the poisonous thorns in you May you feel this while you wake Bear your [...]

The End

The first time we met Your face became etched In my mind You were the sun I was the one Who worshiped you. My hands were your guns Your eyes were my muse. And I knew you could never love me I had so much sorrow inside You could never reach But can I [...]

The Face Beneath The Waves

Someone said they saw me fall apart Part of me collected and destroyed Tell me what it's like to hold a heart When it shatters Someone said that they ran into her Asked if there was any word of me And she swore that everything we were Never mattered (There is a face beneath the [...]

The Face With No Name

Here we go again I brought us here on purpose I knew we wouldn't make it out You see it in my face You and I were born to die in this place All the walls you built to surround you Crumble right before your eyes Yet again gain it seems you have failed [...]

The First Drop

I’m calling out Only echoes respond But I scream ‘til my voice is gone Crouching in corners and hiding your face I’m sick and tired of playing your games I’m not alone I stand amongst the voiceless Millions in the unforgiving sun Here arm-in-arm We parade these streets And sing our songs (and sing [...]

The First Punch

Where you from foo'?! This world is about to change. 1, 2... 1, 2, 3, 4 Look into my eyes and write down the words you taste. Blood on your tongue with a crass embrace. A photo kiss on the day we met said, "This will be a night we won't forget." Speak slow [...]

The Flood

This world it needs a cleansing, removing all its filth. Wearing your masks of envy but I see you still. For forty days, walk the earth, removing all this curse. These forty nights, and you're drowning as I fill your lungs. Hoping hoping hoping, to drown the world. To drown the world. And now [...]

The Fox And The Wolf

You said you can't get to heaven unless you get high But there's no word of hell on the way back down You said it's now or never, You only live once Would you be so quick to walk over to my grave? You said you'll never be younger than you are tonight Now [...]

The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Man walks along the railroad track And he's going some place, there's no going back The Highway Patrol chopper coming up over the ridge Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge The shelter line stretching around the corner Welcome to the New World Order Families sleeping in their cars in the Southwest No [...]

The Good Left Undone

In fields where nothing grew but weeds, I found a flower at my feet, Bending there in my direction, I wrapped a hand around its stem, I pulled until the roots gave in, Finding there what I'd been missing, But I know... So I tell myself, I tell myself it's wrong. There's a point [...]

The Great Die-Off

There’s a fire on the borders and it’s burning down the walls you built high And there’s a steady stream of anger and it’s spilling from the coasts A tidal wave And the words say we reap what we sow So where I bury you I’ll build home In line to reclaim but we’re [...]

The Great Hendowski

I met a guy with some coins in his can, his face was weathered, dark and sad. He looked up to me and asked something I'll never forget. He said, "How can you smile with your lips wrapped around a loaded gun? How can you smile? Look at this life, is this all we've [...]

The Haunted

Dancing with the heat From your ear against mine Made me a victim to love A love that was never divine You were my first I hated it all Oh I hated it all Always there to show me The next place to fall Cause you knew I would fall You were so far [...]

The House Of Wolves

Show me a sign, show me a reason to give, A solitary fuck about your god damn beliefs. I'm going blind, but one thing's clear, Death is the only salvation you'll feel. Brick by brick by brick Brick by brick by brick What you call faith, I call a sorry excuse, Cloak and daggers [...]

The Ides Of March

Tie me up with sheets, and hang me from your tree I'll stay out here all night, it doesn't even matter As long as I can see, into your room and feel Like I'm inside your life, I'll follow you forever Don't cut me down just yet, I'll make things right again Don't close [...]

The Interview

Forever waiting for disaster. What David calls servant and master, will you play it too? As this displacement begs for water, swimming, bathing, drowning in sorrow, scream with me. I crawl across this cracked expansion. I'll be buried soon beneath the sand with pure intentions, wanting something, someone to follow. For a change I'll refrain [...]

The Killing Lights

Oh Five A.M. on the bathroom floor from the night before, do you find me dreadful? What a shame such a sad disgrace. Such a pretty face but she's not regretful. Am I beautiful? Am I usable? It's killing time again (killing time again). Put on your face and let's pretend, these killing lights won't [...]

The King Of Silence

Woah... I've been going down this path since this choice was mine Vices and curses have all defined The man I've become, the man I could be Not in my eyes, but my conscious sees This world is filled with selfishness Violence and chaos created from it It's hard to remember the person you [...]

The Leaving Song Pt. 2

Don't waste your touch, you won't feel anything Or were you sent to save me? I've thought too much, you won't find anything... Worthy of redeeming Yo he estado aquí muchas veces antes y regreso To... break down, and cease all feeling Burn now, what once was breathing Reach out, and you may take my [...]

The Missing Frame

One at a time constants become surreal. One at a time heart attacks are concealed. I can see that I lose the joys of life one at a time. Suicides are revealed. You will see that I lost another life but tonight I'll let you tear it up if you don't wake me up. But [...]

The New National Anthem

Drag my hand behind you like a chain behind a truck. Sparks over your carpet while I chase you through the darkness. Somebody's supposed to fall in love, but nobody even calls. Somebody's supposed to... Tear this place apart until you find me hiding, silently I wait. You'll be excited just to see me [...]

The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

I've learned to let go Come on Here's a middle finger Coming straight from oca-l-a I appreciate your judgement it's proved that I can't trust a word you say those must be some pair of binoculars that you see every move I make so I'll never be a liar but you'll always be two-faced [...]

The Price We Pay

Days rolled on Shout it out loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on Shout it out loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on Shout it out loud Days rolled on We know the price we pay Days rolled on Shout it out [...]

The Reality

These streets are crowded with cowards disguised as men. They are paying no consequence for their actions, So we'll all give in. I say the same things Over and over and over again, But you act like you've never heard them. We were created to set an example. So what is this, what is [...]

The Redeemed

Let go of everything, Let go of everything! What is it that you are holding on to? What will it matter when every history book is consumed in the flames? Soon it will be like you never existed, Not a single soul will remember your name! Everyone is flawed, Everyone has a story to [...]

The Rose

Swimming against the current, It's been this way from day one. Always an uphill battle, We never got a single handout from anyone. From anyone. So tell me, if we were "damaged goods," Then what does that make you? As far as I'm concerned, You're nothing more than just a worthless suit. We are [...]

The Sadness Will Never End

Our legs begin to break We've walked this path for far too long My lungs, they start to ache But still we carry on I'm choking on my words Like I got a noose around my neck I can't believe it's come to this I can't believe it's come to this And dear, I [...]

The Sand Will Turn To Glass

I can't believe that I can be Full of so much hate Another hero dies, the devil wins The people hide their shame Lies were spoken Bonds were broken Can he ever change? Turn your back and Run away as fast as you can Don't mark your name Half a dozen guns All pointed [...]

The Sinner

Digging a hole that I can't get out of Deeper and deeper below the surface To find that there's nothing there Where do I go from here? Give me something that I can feel! Back and forth here we go again What will it take to keep it together? What will it take to [...]

The Sky Under The Sea

I still remember the night you tried to kiss me through the window. I tried to settle for the taste of touching glass over the sound of answering machines, because I love the way your voice it says it's gonna get back to me someday. As I brace my knees you hold me down [...]

The Storm

I never said, I'd be coming back for you. I never said, I'd be coming back for you... I never said that, I wish.... I wish that you could see, feel something or just believe, But you're not here you're way past dead, your heart, it's doesn't bleed. You took a part of me, [...]

The Strength To Go On

Welcome home While away They have tampered with the locks And your things they rearranged "We propose a better way" Said the note they left behind In their wake of disarray You fell in place Don't fall asleep They'll find us here I know a place to disappear As a voice proclaimed What we [...]

The Tide Raises Every Ship

Fire Burns In Me.

The Unfaithful

Say what you wanted to say, Mean what you wanted to mean. I'm listening, so be real with me. I've never known you to be One that refuses to speak. You've never held anything back from me until now, What were you thinking? I can see it in your eyes, You're scared for your [...]

The Unraveling

and all these things that we tie together keep unraveling apart and the light that used to burn so bright now is dark with anger-laced intent we set fire to the bridges that remain and they're wading through the current now. and they drown in the flood of the tears that have been wept [...]

The Victim

I think it's time We paid a little closer attention to all of this Your slight of hand is an old trick And I see right through your wit So I'll ask you Can you keep your word? Or is this where we go our separate ways? Can you keep your word? Never again [...]

The Way That We Have Been

Why have we been so reckless? Acting like we don't know right from wrong And it's not like we didn't expect this When we've really known all along It could only be so long until we really felt it We've been digging our way down instead of digging our way out We can't keep [...]

The Weak And The Wounded

The end begins. I can't escape as it pulls me further into anesthesia. Tear down my sense of conviction. Corrupt my soul. The end begins. In my eyes. In my heart. I have laid upon a deadman's bed, only to fall into a trap of lies and seduction that rivals the greatest sense of [...]

The Wind Shifts

The wind shifts by itself Reminding us where we've been We kick and scream and raise hell Til we're too tired to stand We tear down all our sense And we'll force our opinion We'll make sure we're ahead We'll hate ourselves in the end I wanted to be loved by someone I didn't [...]

The World I Used To Know

We've been living in the shadows everyday. Are we every gonna learn from our mistakes? Our innocence, our ignorance, were lost but they'll be found. The innocence of years we spent. I remember the day, between the past and the pain. We were never afraid of,places unknown. There was nothing to fear, there was [...]

Their Lips Sink Ships

Fly away, leave the bloody past behind your wings Leave this burning house and break the curse When you survive another day, another day Fly away, leave the bloody past behind your wings

Therapy Caravan Of The Fair Room

She's got too many troubles on her mind. Her father told her to leave, this was too much trauma. For a poor widower's soul she was a child She was once happy before she buried him beneath the sand You can't save her now, She's going to the guillotine You can't save her now [...]

They Don’t Call It The South For Nothing

Make waves, make waves, I'm sea, it's all you can take. Come back, back down now, I'm drifting away. Your ship's sunk. It's gone down, now your captain is dead. Your saints become sailors, when my ocean is fed by these, Bloody waters, Mark my words. Come on. Alright I want you call to [...]

They Have No Reflections

And I've been dragging the lake for dead kids, While you were sleeping, Crossing away the calendar, Rotting away, into the ground, Where you belong, Where you belong, Where you belong, Where you belong, Die..., I don't know what they said, They all left me for dead, And when I'm done, God can have [...]

This Is How

And this is how... We're fighting feelings again We're trying hard to let go We're dodging punches from friends And this is where... We forget we belong We quietly tell ourselves We do nothing but wrong I just want to feel safe, again And I just want to stay calm, forever This wind changed [...]

This Is How The Wind Shifts

And this is how... The wind shifts by itself We're fighting feelings again Reminding us where we've been We're trying hard to let go We kick and scream and raise hell We're dodging punches from friends 'Til we're too tired to stand And this is where... We tear down all our sense We forget [...]

This Is Letting Go

Once upon a time I could take anything, anything. Always stepped in time, regardless of the beat I moved my feet, I carried weight What I could not do I faked I dug seeking treasure Just to wake up in an early grave So I stopped right there and said Go on alone, 'cause [...]

This Is The House That Doubt Built

Don’t get me started on what it means to be alive. You’re lying to yourself and then still you act surprised. Cause you're scared, can't come to terms with what you are. The wolves in sheep's clothing will only lead you so far. You’ll wait, and they’ll go Cause in the end we all [...]

This One’s For You

Friend of mine, I've tried a revolution. Everyone screaming, "It's not fair, it's not fair." I'll play the Romeo, you play the Juliet. The sun won't set, until you appear. 'Cause I know you're the one my love, my love. What light through this window breaks? So bright, so bright. My life just for [...]

Those In Glass Houses

Now, Ready, Set, let's take this offense in our hands. We won't be cast aside, you live your life just... And you can have the whole wide world, the best part was in our... How can you say that you're me, when its easy to see that your fake. You expect me to fail [...]

Three Hours Back

Let's go! Indifference grows, indifference feeds on me A sickness fills the pathways where I breathe Miles away from where I want to be, want to be One day you will see! Nothing is this simple, this simple One day you will see! It takes its toll on me, toll on me Hey! Lie [...]

Three Miles Down

Oh great here I go again I'm stuck in this rut and I'm not sure how to begin- should I tell you everything? I'm feeling out of luck so I won't see you soon 'cause I know it's too soon for you to see me- if this is the last thing you do just [...]


Remember the moment you left me alone and Broke every promise you ever made I was an ocean, lost in the open Nothing could take the pain away So you can throw me to the wolves Tomorrow I will come back Leader of the whole pack Beat me black and blue Every wound will [...]

Through The Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright

Through the trials, And the gaps in the tree From what once was a seed, To what we've grown to be Through the trials, And the gaps in the tree From what once was a seed, To what we've grown to be Travelled miles, Across the oceans and seas Nothing's out of our reach, [...]

Tip The Scales

Are we so alone, So distant, So forgotten, As we think ourselves to be? These are our lives But did they ever even matter? Are we worth remembering? These machines feed on the tears of broken lives and dying dreams We’re throwing wrenches in the gears Our lives will not be lived in vain [...]

To Live And To Lose

Followed painted lines along the way back to see you Fighting sleep and drifting in the rain, I couldn't get through I was thrown from my mind with no one there to catch me, to lead me back to life Had to leave it behind and send my other on her way Will you [...]

To Plant A Seed

We’ve planted a seed An ever-growing wonder To a beautiful tree Grow Each branch outstretched And different from the rest (From the rest) Where the old have broken off Some easier than the last The right ones have grown in To fill in the gaps And all are equal in love and trust And [...]

To The Core

If I could paint how I feel, I'd draw bullseye on your forehead My anger is not misdirected Unless it somehow misses you Time spent on hate, is time gone to waste, I watch you point and click your life away So cast the stones that I'll gladly catch And I'll throw them right [...]

To Them These Streets Belong

So look in my eyes, what will you leave behind once you've gone? (so precious) You got what you came for now I think it's time to move on (when will you say) But these ghosts come alive like water and wine Walk through these streets singing songs and carrying signs, To them these [...]

Too Late For Gods

Come with us. To the water as we celebrate poolside Silver line, sons and daughters Take the big dive Celebrate before rejection Before this pool shows our reflection Too well Diamond impressions Lay where we fell Without discretion All the questions they’ll ask Were we raised this way? Such a promising past Mayday [Chorus:] Go [...]

Too Shy To Scream

I come quietly. Silent entities can lack a certain weight when unseen. Do they speak of me? My voice left with the breeze that whispered "you should flee or you shall be seen." I'd die if you only met my eyes. Before you pass by, will you pause to break my heart. I am everywhere, [...]

Torch Song

Oh I saw you. Angels came to light your path. I heard you keep their wings pressed under glass. Now am I so enthralled that I might die? I saw you, sweetly smile, and say "do try". (anything) I'd tear out my eyes for you, my dear (anything) to see everything that you do. I [...]


On clearer days I can see the lights from my bedroom door, on windy nights I can smell the lake as it drifts to me from the shore the traffic lights silently change a thousand times a day but I'm still waiting, yeah, and I'm still waiting And if my hand could block the [...]

Toronto (Unabridged)

You know I have to go back to the place I hate the most Long ago it used to help me grow Always kept me feeling safe from coast to coast Lock the gates at night and don’t set my place I won’t be back to see how the snow covers leaves I counted [...]

Total Bummer

Go away, sunny day Go away, sunny day All the horny people sitting In front of their TV and thinkin' What is wrong with me? I'm not a monster Why won't anybody fuck me I don't wanna live life lonely Why does everyone have to be perfect? Go away, sunny day Go away, sunny [...]

Tracing Back Roots

Eight years ago I committed a sin And there were many more that followed with Some that changed my mind Some that broke me down But all of them made me who I am now All of them made me who I am now All of them made me who I am now I [...]

Tragedy + Time

On the edges of the sharpest knives In the middle of the darkest nights Always knew that I would find you here In a puddle of the bravest tears I've seen enough to know it's lonely where you are Above the crowd Feet dangling from a rooftop (a rooftop) She waits from ledges for [...]

Traitors Never Play Hangman

This is what the edge of your seat was made for, Holding on, on your own, This is what the edge of your seat was made for, And this, This is what the back of your hand was made for, Stolen apologies, Stolen apologies, you, You're a traitor to my heart, You're a traitor [...]

True Friends

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you Cause I’ll forget but I’ll never forgive you Don’t you know, don’t you know? True friends stab you in the front It’s funny how things work out Such a bitter irony Like a kick right to the teeth It fell apart right from the start [...]

True Romance

I'm not here to judge you I'm just here to tell you what you have done wrong Beautiful girl looking her best Takes off a towel, puts on a dress Fixes her hair to look good for someone Who waits in a car to go to a motel ...To a motel I may not [...]

Truth & Temptation

You can't stop it now, it's already in motion. Don't try to fight it now, you're already dead again She's taken over, snuffed out the life you had, the life you had. It's coming down to this, another year you can't have back. You're a little older, your lies a little bolder. You've tried [...]

Turn Off The Radio

T-T-T-Turn off the radio There's something missing There's an anger living half the world away I hope you listen for a person With perspective that isn't always the same No need to water it down right now You play the victim, but it's all a charade Times they, they are a-changin' Get your things [...]

Under The Knife

Wake me up inside Tell me there's a reason To take another step To get up off my knees and, Follow this path of most resistance. And where ever it takes us, Whatever it faces and wherever it leads, So wake me when it's through, I don't want to feel the things that you [...]

Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be

All the lights, were too bright to see the spark that I've been missing for too long. Something I've been missing for too long. My empty cup, could never fill another. I have spilled all I've had, to make things better. But the love of all others, has made me new. My empty cup, [...]

Vanity And Greed

Don't say you miss me yet, I must concede There's something I have to explain It isn't easy playing your way I can't even begin to say I'm taking back my conscience I'm gonna take control I've seen the bravest lions shy away I've seen the tallest tress fall down I've made a hobby [...]

Vaulted Ceilings

You don't have to know me To know that you're lost Just know that I don't mind I don't mind And you don't have to see me To know that I'm right By your side Just know I will never leave you My child Follow me follow me If you have no place to [...]

Veronica Sawyer Smokes

Oh my story is not the oldest of it's kind. I was too touched to see you clearly, far too young to realize I had loved so dearly you, who's world I had designed, but the sweet smoke came with mirrors and it brought tears to my wide eyes. Dying just to see you... dying [...]


You can't see me behind the door I just heard everything you said You call him You're saying all the things you used to say to me Who is he I never thought you'd drop that avalanche on me And be unfaithful These hotel walls are paper thin I'm going out Seven seven with [...]


Drowning myself every night Me versus me has always been my biggest fight I've been so confused for so long And the answers always seem so far out of sight So I fill it up, fill it up one more time So when everything is wrong at least I still feel right I'm in [...]

Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself

I am so far away And it's more than I can take I haven't heard your voice in days I haven't heard your voice in days What is the measure of a man? Is it wading through the worst? Or is the measure of a man Admitting when he is defeated? But I am [...]

Violence (Enough Is Enough)

I've been feeling like everything is for nothing. In fact I've never felt so God Damn small. Always searching for the bright side to find the strength for when I fall. I'm still believing that life has a meaning. Cant cope with thinking that there's not. I'm so divided that I try to hide [...]


This is a call to arms, so grab your guns and get your horses. Only the dead have seen the end of this fight. This is a call to arms, so all you fallen soldiers sing with me: death or glory. So march with me if you believe there's any hope for us. I've [...]

Voice Of Dissent

Here alone we wander and we roam We cut our teeth in city streets and gutters we call home Await the day the clouds will part Deliver words we know by heart Raise your fucking voice Or be a face in the crowd Isn't that what it's all about? So tempt me not with [...]

Voices Off Camera

Can you hear the desperate cries that are calling out your name? Twisting your arms, holding out their hands and tugging at your sleeve Do you feel this underlying sense of urgency or are you as blind as me? I hit the ground and I'm still running but I need a place to stay [...]

Wait For Me

Do you see the world in different colors? Do you see the world in black and gray? Alone in your thoughts How many others have stood where you stand Where you stand today? I've stood where you stand But all, can you... Wait for me now? Take off this crown To break all these [...]

Waiting Four Years

I gave you everything, but it just wasn't enough to make you stay. You said you'd give me time and space again. I asked to see you everyday. Now I'm waiting four year just to feel your touch, waiting four whole years to say how much I care. The flowers I gave you, died, [...]

We Are Not The World

I've always been your favorite game And all the world's your spot lit stage I'm just another extra in your play - the fool (Turn on, tune in) I'm ready for your drama (Tape up, weigh in) You're throwing every hook tonight Your charismatic lies make tears run down their cheeks (Run down their [...]

We Are The Reasons

This is a poison everyone knows It runs through my rivers. created and cured by the same, and it will flow. Tear through these holds, and rip away my heart. with an effort so constrained, this is the venom in my veins. This is the venom in my veins, created and cured by the [...]

We Got This

To anyone who's alone in a crowded room: Put your hands up high, sing it out of tune. It's these late night hours we spend That help me up from down. You're just like me when I was your age We all knew better, name it, we've been there. When I had a place [...]

We’ve Got The Knife

You’ve got your pretty face. You’ve got disarming eyes. You’ve got such social grace. I’ve got my pretty spies. I found you lost, misplaced. I loved that lovely guise. I said I’d try my luck and you said, “Well you don’t you don’t have to try.” I forgot that night, what you said that night: [...]

Weight Of Time

speak with hesitation talk with reservation blood on your hands dried long since but guilt still glowing in your eyes you hide behind (and now this blood has long since dried) your perfect crime (guilt still glowing in your eyes) never ask why you lie now I've watched you stack the mistakes you've made [...]

Welcome To The Family

We're finally alone at last Oh how I've waited for this day to come There's just something about you that rubs me wrong You're not worth my attention I built this with my own two hands If you could spare me the time Stop using me as your next misconception I don't believe that [...]

Westbound & Down

Daddy said, Daddy said, go out and make me proud. If only he could see the way you've turned out now. Go ahead baby and say the words you want from me. Believe, cause' I'm the one that wrote this song. If I could turn back time and read your mind, Besides these dice [...]

What I Wished I Never Had

Don't catch me at the wrong time Or you will feel my wrath The one I wished I never had Wished I never had I need to rid myself of resentment And every last bit of it If I'm going to live up to the things I've written I need to clear my mind [...]

What My Heart Held

I just want to feel something I just want to feel something new I feel like I'm stuck in this routine Every day is decided before I wake Every dream that I've dreamt I don't want to chase All the people I've met, I start forgetting their names The whole day just blurs into [...]

What You Need

You're hypnotized, can't see the signs I'd like to help you, but I think it's too late Made up your mind and now you're blind I guess it's easier than making mistakes Don't ask me why then roll your eyes at the answer You want to fight, but I won't bite at the page [...]

When Broken Is Easily Fixed

I can resist everything except temptation. My body breaks, I'm intact inside. My human instinct, I can love unconditionally. Cross my heart and lie to you (My conscience plagues at me, fills me with this despair) Failure within me. Promise you and let you down (Emotion conquers my soul, robs me of myself) Brings [...]

When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Here in this world, I'm awaked with mistakes, But it's love that keeps fueling me, fueling me. Pretty little lady with your swollen eyes, would you show them to me? I know I'm not that perfect, but you stay a while, baby then you will see. Miles away I could still feel you lay [...]

Where We Used To Play

I I might Seem a bit peculiar A bit not right For though Though I try I remain a stranger Not of this time I swear I'm almost there Though I've been wandering for days I may be chasing ghost trains hoping they'll arrive Where we used to play I may be hopping ghost trains [...]

Whereabouts Unknown

To the ends of this lost world You have marched and you have sworn To a tainted crown of thorns As the hungry sails unfurl We are thrusted from the shore And it's you that we search for The blackest night The midnight sun The covered tracks and days spent on the run The [...]

Who Wants Flowers When You’re Dead? Nobody

A cherry sunset blossoms, But we're not there to watch it fall, On the vacant canvas, we should be waiting, with our face down on the grass, Staring till our eyes give way, Let's paint this city black, While the night's still young, You, This cherry sunset withers, Our words, as frail as paper, [...]

Who Will Pray?

We share our days Together now the sun is gone, am I Another left here on my own, alone And I'm slowly sinking Scared to say, what I'm feeling is the truth I need to face reality I choose to use to trick Myself again into thinking Short of breath, and pulse erratic The [...]


Every one of my words, not worth believing Every promise I kept, kept you deceiving Gave golden years that you erased. I split my heart and watched you take Every drop of my soul and leave me bleeding Yeah, you taught me this True love wont' be remembered My regret will last forever Because I [...]


This is the first day of my last days I built it up now I take it apart Climbed up real high now fall down real far No need for me to stay the last thing left I just threw it away I put my faith in god and my trust in you Now [...]

Wish I Could Forget You

You won't repeat this for the rest of the crowd. I know they will miss but you'll still feel proud. but you'll still feel proud. Say it's gold, say it's fine. The secrets out that you're mine. Say it's gold, say it's fine. The secrets out that you're mine. YEAH! THAT YOU'RE MINE! Say [...]

With Second Chances

I tried to throw it away, I tried to burn it like a photograph But when I close my eyes, I see it in my mind Like it's happening I got so good at the game, No one could tell that I was faking sane (faking sane) I guess I still survived, but this [...]

Without Walls

This is who we are! These are the roads we paved, the strength we found and the mistakes we made along the way. This is who we are! These are the roads we paved, the strength we found and the mistakes we made along the way. This is who we are! These are the [...]


I don't care if your beautiful lips Exist out there 'cause I'm wonderless Why the best can't make it in Hollywood No more It's like a long drag taken Before the smoke hits the white sky (Like the birds at night) And it's fake just like the movies Oh yeah And I can't wait [...]

World On Fire

I let it go and watched it fly, So far away out of my sight. I trusted in your eagle eye. I let it go. I let it go. I dug a hole into the ground. I hid my chest, it won't be found. I took a breath without a sound. I let it [...]

Worlds Apart

Lying all alone, wishing you would call. Writing all my thoughts has broken all my bones. You gave it all up, you threw it all away. There's nothing I can do. What do I think you've done? You know it's even worse than what's in my head. You don't believe me when I tell [...]

Worth Dying For

Set me off like dynamite strapped tight around my waist We are the ones in competition but claim this ain't no race (Let's go!) Take a breath and explode like bullets tearing through the wind Cut me up with a razor blade that tries to separate the skin Now in the White flames of [...]

Would You Still Be There

If I could find the words If I could shake the world If I could turn back time Would you still be there? I can't stop thinking about way I left you sinking with no escape Now there's no lifeline No way to save But maybe next time I won't throw it all away [...]

xOn Our Kneesx

I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't need it! I don't need it! I don't want it! I don't want it! Who wins when we go through life on our knees?


Won't be mistaken with the saints of youth, God's backed up again. I swear, when I scream, we're not home again. Run from your problems, but you cannot run from yourself. You'll take this back. Broken I've lied, pick up the pieces, you'll try to live for yourself. How can you live for yourself? [...]

Yeah Boy And Doll Face

Were you honest when you said, "I could never leave your bed", Wake me up and let me know you're alive And will you fall in love again? Is the scent slowly spreading? I've been answering machines all night And are the doctors dancing in While the ambulances sing? Another boy without a sharper [...]

You Already Know What You Are

They used to tell me: You got to choose a side Now it's four years later, And they beg for advice. Don't trust the critic he's a cynic Make the call for yourself This is my 10-step course to not be like everyone else I know it's not the easiest route, And I know [...]

You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic

I’m a mess That's the best way to describe it Having no time to myself is the only way I can fight it When I'm alone it's like I'm staring into a mirror Don't know the person inside it and that's never been any clearer I miss your family and I miss all our [...]

You Gotta Stay Positive

You gotta stay positive!

You Had Me At Hello

I'm missing you so much, I'll say you died tonight Just so I can get to you before the sun will rise I know these times are hard and I feel this too None of that ever seems to matter when I'm holding you And I'm wasting away, away from you And I'm wasting [...]

You Make Me Sick

I want you to stop To sit and think Of all the times you tried to steal from me Ride my coat tails, use my name Your smiles exposed all your fangs Your forked tongue is always running Spilling from your mouth I suggest you bind it up and keep it Keep it to [...]

You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance

So I say goodbye to a town that has ears and eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk by Familiar faces smiling back at me and I knew This would make them change The only thing that's going to bother me Is that you'll all call yourselves my friends Why can't you [...]

You’re All I Have

I wake up in the afternoon Empty walls make up the room And I'm wishing for one thing To give myself the strength to keep myself alive Long enough to make sure you don't try To turn out anything like me Another fraud, another fake Don't pretend, you're not the one who's wrong You're [...]

You’re Lucky It’s Not 1692

I've got some things to say. I believe this announcement is over due. My days blended together seamlessly and who knew? The error of my ways in this world becomes so severe. The day she interrupted my life it all fell, but she was so sincere. I've known some witches this town will still [...]

You’re Not Alone

When your reflection in the mirror Smiles back, it lies, you know it When you lay your head to sleep at night It's filled with every moment Every chance you missed to be something Or learn from your mistakes You're not alone You're with me You're not alone You're with me Don't let the [...]

Your Sword Vs. My Dagger

I'm cutting through, you're bleeding out And I would tell the truth, but I can't help myself Red rushes out, dissect this nerve And I'll stop myself before I reach my cell I wasn't asking for the world And you know that I'm not one to follow through All these city streets the people [...]

Your Way With Words Is Through Silence

If actions spoke louder than words, you'd have made me deaf by now You make it seem so easy to love me for who I really am, am. It'd break my heart, if we fell apart. It'd be so hard to let you go It'd break my heart, if we fell apart. It'd be [...]

Zero Visibility

I’m saddling in here for the long haul Can’t hide forever is what they say In with the wind, out with a bang Meanwhile nothing has changed With each one slowly ordered A storm brews in her eyes A miss shot at the buzzard Time whether wasted or well spent is still time We [...]